Bol news Live - Watch Bol news Streaming Online

Bol News live - Watch Bol News online is a popular news channel in Pakistan. This is an Urdu language news channel. And it also does all the reporting in Urdu. It's part of the Bol Network.

Bol News is considered a popular channel in Pakistan. It transmits 24 hours a day and keeps people informed of the latest news. Its programs are based on reality which is why people like to watch it. Millions of people watch it every day and are kept abreast of the latest news. It claims its streaming is 4k hd.

Bol Network is a huge media network in Pakistan. It is headquartered in Karachi. shoaib ahmed sheikh owns it which is also ceo. It is a private network and came to the fore in 2013. Bol News and Bol Entertainment are part of this network.