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PTV Sports live is the sports channel of the PTV family.PTV sports first launched on 14 January 2012.PTV sports channel wins the hearts of millions of Pakistanis by showing live sports streaming. PTV sports channel shows live to broadcast not only national events but also international events. It is the best method to engage international people by showing international events also. Like all other countries Pakistan is also famous in sports whether it is outdoor or indoor sports. People who are interesting in watching cricket matches, football matches, Hockey matches, Boxing, wrestling, Badminton, and many others can watch live streaming on PTV sports live.PTV sports channel also shows some sports live streaming in which no Pakistani is participating just to engage the viewers Living in Pakistan or outside from Pakistan. You can watch national sports events on PTV Sports Live. You can watch local sports and national events on PTV Sports live. The events covered on PTV sports live are the T20 cricket tournament, wrestling, football matches, Hockey matches, Youth games, Kabaddi, and snooker. PTV Sports is also famous for showing international Sports streaming live. It is the best method to engage international people by showing their sports live on PTV sports live. Many international sports events are showing live on PTV Sports like Spanish league, RAW, Olympics, international Kabaddi, Indian Premier League, ICC T20 cricket world cup, a Tennis tournament, European league, Indian Premier League, International Tennis tournament, ICC champions trophy, Africa premier League, International wrestling, international football, international Hockey and badminton, and many other sports. PTV Sports is one of the best sports channel in Pakistan for showing live sports streaming of national and international sports.