WTF Full Form

WTF is used on multiple social media. It is also used in different chats. This term is used when you have a feeling of shock/surprise/anger. 

WTF Full Form

If you want to know the WTF full forms and abbreviations of WTF then check the table given below:

Full Form Category Term
What the F*CK Internet Chat WTF
Work Time Fun Computing WTF
What the fu*k Internet Slang WTF
Wireless Telecommunications Facility Telecommunication WTF
What The F*** Messaging WTF
Well Trained Forum Messaging WTF
Where's The Forum Messaging WTF
Way Totally Fun Messaging WTF
Welcome To Facebook Messaging WTF
Why The Frown Messaging WTF
Well That's Fine Messaging WTF
Why The Face? Messaging WTF
What The F*ck? Messaging WTF
Why The Face Messaging WTF
What The Freak? Messaging WTF
Wow! That's Funky! Messaging WTF
What The Flip? Messaging WTF
Where's The F***ing? Messaging WTF
What True Friend Messaging WTF
Well, That's Funny Messaging WTF
What's The Fuss Messaging WTF
Well That's Fantastic Messaging WTF
What The F***! Messaging WTF
Where's The Funds? Accounts and Finance WTF
Walk Thru Fire Job Title WTF
Write The Formula Maths WTF
World Taekwondo Federation Sports WTF
Women's Tri-fitness Competition Sports WTF
World Taekwondo Friendship Sports WTF
Women's Trampoline Force Sports WTF
Warriors Truly Fearless Military and Defence WTF
War Torn Family Military and Defence WTF
Weapons, Tactics, and Fury Military and Defence WTF
War Torn Fantasy Military and Defence WTF

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