ETA Full Form

ETA is the time that requires for the arrival of the physical and virtual object. Physical means like trains, buses, cars, humans, airplanes, and bikes, etc. Virtual object means files, SMS, and other objects that can be transferred through the internet. You can also say virtual objects are that that cannot be touched but can be seen and view. You can see the full detail of ETA, full forms of ETA and, abbreviations of ETA in the table given below.

Full Form Category Term
Estimated Time of Arrival General ETA
Estimated Time Available Networking ETA
Estimated Time of Analysis Softwares ETA
Electronics Transaction Association Electronics ETA
Expected Time of Action Messaging ETA
Expected Time of Arrival Messaging ETA
Equity Transfer Agreement Accounts and Finance ETA
Electronic Transfer Account Accounts and Finance ETA
Expense Time and Activity Accounts and Finance ETA
Empty Tank Alert Space Science ETA
Engine Temperature Alarm Space Science ETA
Environmental Test Article Space Science ETA
Estimated Time To Acquisition Space Science ETA
Explosive Transfer Assembly Space Science ETA
External Tank Attachment Space Science ETA
English Teaching Assistant Job Title ETA
Ebcdic To Ascii Computer Assembly Language ETA
Engineering Technology Associates Technology ETA
Erroding Terrain Asilar Earth Science ETA
Euskadi Ta Askatasuna Organization ETA