ERP Full Form

ERP is a business management software that is used to enhance profit and to manage the business. It provides real-time information about your business. The term ERP has multiple forms. The table is given below. You can check the forms and abbreviations of ERP.

Full Form Category Term
Enterprise Resource Planning Software ERP
Ear Reference Point Computer and Networking ERP
Effective Radiated Power Computer and Networking ERP
EOC Register Protocol Computer and Networking ERP
Envelope Return Path Softwares ERP
Event Related Potential Chemistry ERP
Extended Range Pyrometer Electronics ERP
Emergency Response Procedures Messaging ERP
Eye Reference Point Space Science ERP
Error Reduction Parameter Maths ERP
Event Related Potentials Physics Related ERP
Exchange Rate Protection Stock Exchange ERP
Effective Rating Points Sports ERP
Early Racquet Preparation Sports ERP
Enhanced Realistic Personality Sports ERP
Equipment Reception Party Military and Defence ERP
Enroute Reporting Point Military and Defence ERP