PG Full Form

PG is used when you go to another city for a living but you don't have your own space to live. You live in another one's home and pay him/her. Then PG term is used.

PG Full Form

If you want to know full forms of PG, the abbreviation of PG, and full detail of PG then check the table given below.

Full Form Category Term
Paying Guest General PG
Postgraduate Academic PG
Papua New Guinea Country Names PG
Physical Geography Educational Degree PG
Plant Genetics Educational Degree PG
Post-graduate Educational Degree PG
-post Graduate Educational Degree PG
Processing Group Networking PG
Ibm Linkway Page Cut/paste File File Type PG
Permanent Group File Type PG
Pesa Guide Softwares PG
PERGAON Indian Railway Station PG
Propylene Glycol Chemistry PG
Pass Gap Electronics PG
Programmable Gain Electronics PG
Polarization Gate Electronics PG
Proportional Gain Electronics PG
Please Go Messaging PG
Pretty Good Messaging PG
Profanity Guaranteed Messaging PG
Pretty Gross Messaging PG
Power Generation Space Science PG
Pressure Gage Space Science PG
Package Measurement Unit PG
Picogram Measurement Unit PG
Piano God Job Title PG
Professional Geologist Job Title PG
Persian Gulf Country Specific PG
Prince George Country Specific PG
Puerto Galera, The Philippines Earth Science PG
Point Guard Sports PG
Platinum Gamers Sports PG
Pre Game Sports PG
Proficiency Gold Sports PG
Player's Guide Sports PG
Pounding Guard Sports PG
Packing Group Military and Defence PG
Panzerrohr Gewinde Military and Defence PG
Prisonnier De Guerre (prisoner of War) Military and Defence PG
Performance Grade Military and Defence PG
Pistol Grips (us Marines) Military and Defence PG
Pursuit Group Military and Defence PG

Living in PG:

If you are about to go to another city and, thinking of living somewhere other than hostels and hotels and know nothing about paying guest accommodation, then we have got you covered. Living as a paying guest is not much different from living in a hostel, but such kind of accommodation will make you experience a home-like environment also a life full of adventure, freedom, and loads of fun. All you have to do is to find a home offering paying guest accommodation, online or through your other sources, and after this, you will pay your landlord for food and living. You will be provided with a portion of a house with other basic amenities like AC, WiFi, laundry, room cleaning, and regular meals. Additionally, the owner and his family will live in the same house, so you would not have to be worried about security, and we know this is the actual concern for most of the people living away from their homes.

People live in PGs when they can't find a space to live in hostels or when they don't have any home/space to live in other cities. Usually, PGs come in handy for youngsters who came to other cities, for their educational purpose, and people having jobs in other cities.

Manners and Etiquettes you need to follow:

Here are some manners and etiquettes you need to follow in PG:

  • You must keep your room neat and clean.
  • You need to respect your landlord and all the other house members as well as your roomie.
  • Do not use things that do not belong to you.
  • Turn off the lights and fan when going out.
  •  Do not slam or smash the door because it creates disturbance and is considered impolite.
  • Always try to maintain silence.
  • Be friendly with your landlord and roommates but don't forget to stay within boundaries.
  • If someone in the house helps you, then you must help them when they are in need/ trouble.

Pros of living in PG:

  • You will be given basic facilities like furniture, WiFi, TV, AC along with food, cleaning services, and laundry. So you don't need to worry about things like these other than work main work. You'll feel a homely environment, and you only will move in with your luggage.
  • PGs provide you with a sense of freedom and independence, and nobody will put restrictions on you regarding time.
  • Along with being independent, you will learn to live a disciplined life.
  • In case of any medical emergency, your landlord will be responsible for calling the doctor or taking you to the hospital.
  •  Your parents and friends can stay in your room for some time in paying guest accommodation, and such facility is not available in hostels.
  • Moreover, paying guest accommodations provide a 24/7 service for security guards, CCTV cameras, and safety alarms.
  • The location of paying guest accommodation in any good locality will be less than getting an apartment in the same locality.
  • Also, living in PG can make you a socially active person. You will get to meet new people like your roommate and your landlord and his family.
  • Living in PG is inexpensive than living in hostels.

Cons of living in PG:

  • You sometimes might feel lonely and experience homesickness. Usually, newcomers feel depressed by not having anyone to talk to.
  • You might take some time to fit into a new environment and become used to it.
  • In PGs, you are not allowed to bring any electric appliances.
  • You might experience annoying things like an occupied bathroom in the morning when you are running late for work, or sometimes you might not like the meal, and the worst thing is that you are not allowed to cook in PGs. In this case, you have to buy food from outside.  You can cook too if you have good relations with the landlord.
  • Not all, but some of the PGs do not maintain hygiene. The restroom cleaning is not up to the mark.
  • While coming, do not expect food to be extremely delicious and hygienic. Can't promise the taste but it surely will satisfy your hunger.
  • In some paying guest accommodations, you might experience strictness on electricity and water usage.
  • The most annoying thing is when your landlord increases the rent without notice and gives lame reasons regarding the rent increase.
  • You will not be allowed to throw even the small parties consisting of 3 to 4 people.
  • You never know what nature of roommate you will get. He can be a troublemaker or can be a goodhearted person.

These were some of the aspects I knew regarding paying guest accommodation.  I hope this can help you in getting information about PG.