IPS Full Form

IPS is an "Indian Police Service". It is under "All Indian Service". In 1948, it was replaced with "Indian Imperial Police". It was established a year after India became independent from the British Raj. The officers of IPS can be employed by the both Union Government and the individual states. You can see the full detail of IPS, full forms of IPS, and abbreviations of IPS in the table given below.

Full Form Category Term
Indian Police Service Organization IPS
Identity and Passport Service Organization IPS
Insectivorous Plant Society Organization IPS
Institute for Palestine Studies Organization IPS
Institute for Politics and Society Organization IPS
Iraqi Police Service Organization IPS
Irish Prison Service Organization IPS
Israel Prison Service Organization IPS
Induced pluripotent stem cell Biology and medicine IPS
Intermittent photic stimulation Biology and medicine IPS
Intraparietal sulcus Biology and medicine IPS
in-plane switching Computing IPS
Image Packaging System Computing IPS
Instructions per second Computing IPS
Internet Provider Security Computing IPS
Interpreter for Process Structures Computing IPS
International Patching System Computing IPS
Indoor positioning system Computing IPS
Intrusion prevention system Computing IPS
Inner product space Mathematics IPS
Inboard Propulsion System Science and Technology IPS
Inch Per Second Science and Technology IPS
Inch–pound–second System Science and Technology IPS
Inclined Plate Settler Science and Technology IPS
Interplanetary Superhighway Science and Technology IPS
Introductory Physical Science Science and Technology IPS
Iron pipe size Science and Technology IPS
Industrial and provident society Organization IPS
Industrial Promotion Services Organization IPS
Institute of Professional Sound Organization IPS
Inter Press Service Organization IPS
International Parliamentary Scholarship Organization IPS
International Planetarium Society Organization IPS
International Polarisation Scale Organization IPS
International Primatological Society Organization IPS
International Professional Surfers Organization IPS
International Pyrotechnics Society Organization IPS
Ford Dorsey Program in International Policy Studies Organization IPS
Indianapolis Public Schools Organization IPS
Institute for Policy Studies Organization IPS
Institute for the Psychological Sciences Organization IPS
Invision Power Services Organization IPS
I Promise School Organization IPS