OP Full Form

OP term is mostly used in PUBG but it is not for specific games. It is also used in other games. If you want to know the full forms of OP then check the table given below:

OP Full Forms

Full Form Category Term
Original poster / Operator / Outpost / Overpowered Internet Slang OP
Optimistic Protocols Networking OP
Operating Player Computer Technology OP
Osmotic Pressure Chemistry OP
Organo-phosphate Chemistry OP
Oxidative Phosphorylation Chemistry OP
Octave Plateau Electronics OP
Octo Pest Messaging OP
Other People's Messaging OP
Original Poster Messaging OP
Optimum Price Accounts and Finance OP
Open Space Science OP
Operate Space Science OP
Operation Space Science OP
Oxygen Purge Space Science OP
Official Photographer Job Title OP
Over-powered Radio Science OP
Open Platform Computer Hardware OP
Open Plug Computer Hardware OP
Opening Pressure Physics Related OP
Open Position Sports OP
Operating Plan Military and Defence OP
Off-base Privileges Military and Defence OP
Operational Publication Military and Defence OP
Ordnance Publication Military and Defence OP
Observation Post Military and Defence OP
Operations Military and Defence OP
Office of Protector Military and Defence OP
Overall Position Military and Defence OP
Opportunity Profile Military and Defence OP

Video Games:

Video games are very popular nowadays among youngsters and in many cases in elders as well. The craze of these games is increasing day by day. People buy expensive gaming PCs, consoles, and mobiles. 

FPS (First person shooting) Games:

FPS (First-person shooting) games are in the most popular category in video games these days. These are in the subgenre of shooter games. In these games camera is centered on the gun and gameplay includes killing the enemies with the gun. This term is commonly used in many cases even when the game also offers TPP (Third person perspective). Whether it might be a BR (Battle Royale) or RPG (Role Playing games). Now, if we look into these FPS games, we can take the example of some BR (Battle Royale) games like PUBG (most popular these days), Free Fire, Fortnite, Cyber Hunter, Cuisine Royale, and unlimited other examples. These BR (Battle Royale) games include a specific number of players going into the battleground on different locations of their own choice. They collect some weapons and supplies required for the battle found from these locations. There’s a playable zone on the map of the battleground, which shrinks after short periods, and players who are outside the playable zone or also called “Safe Zone”, their character’s health keeps reducing until they come back to the safe zone. Players on the map have to survive being in the playable zone all the time and by killing the other players and squads (team of 4 players). All the other people except the player's team members are considered enemies in the game. At the end of the match, the one player or team which survives is considered the winner of the match.

Full Form of OP:

OP (Overpowered): is also one of these popular abbreviations and probably the most popular among these. Its full form is “Overpowered” and is used in different contexts in BR games. But, commonly it is used when things are unbalanced or one side of the match or game is extremely stronger than the other one. In this case, the stronger side is considered as “OP (Overpowered)”. Furthermore, you can also say that OP is a state or condition when any player reaches its peak in terms of infinite stamina, power, and even luck like none other players in the game.

Uses of OP (Overpowered) in PUBG:

” OP (Overpowered)” is often used in some very common contexts.

  • For example, in PUBG some weapons are considered to be “OP (Overpowered)”. Some of them are AWM, GROZA, and M249, etc. These guns are OP “(Overpowered)” because whoever finds and uses them in the battleground, they make him extremely dangerous and powerful than the other teams or the enemies. Similarly, in some past year, in Fortnite, players gained access to an extremely strong sword called “Infinity Blade”. This sword was so much stronger than any other weapon that any player who found it was immediately favored to win. Nearly every player agreed that the Infinity Blade was OP — it was overpowered. Later on, developers removed this weapon from the game. Many games, like Cyber Hunter, give the players access to different abilities like camouflaging, flying in the air, or converting the character to some shield or tree to hide from the enemy. Many of these abilities are considered as “OP (Overpowered)”.
  • Another common use of “OP (Overpowered)” is when a person kills the whole squad or does an extraordinary number of kills till the end of the match, the player is considered as “OP (Overpowered)” or the gameplay is considered as “OP (Overpowered)”.
  • In some cases, “OP (Overpowered)” is also used for the “luck” of the player. It feels weird, but in BR (Battle Royale) games, the gameplay also depends on luck some of the time. For example, if a player finds the “OP (Overpowered)” weapons and supplies at the very start of the gameplay he is considered to be having “OP (Overpowered)” luck there.

In the conclusion, we can see that multiplayer gaming has made many of these terms popular. These words are not only used by the gamers and streamers for effective communication but also to look cool in front of other players.

Commonly used terms in BR (Battle Royale) games:

There are different popular abbreviations that gamers use often during playing these games.

Following are some examples:

OP: OP (Overpowered) is also used when a person or squad kills another squad or enemy easily and overpowers them with skills and powerful weapons. Streamers are seen using this word often in this context.

FPP: means “First Person perspective”. This is used for a setting in the game where the camera is centered exactly on the gun, and gameplay is like if the person is holding the gun in real.

TPP: means “Third Person perspective”. This is used for another set in the game where the camera is centered behind the playable character and the payer can see his character during the gameplay.

GG: means “Good Game” and is used to appreciate the player’s excellent performance in the game. This is often used by the person who has lost the game. But, if the winner appreciates the performance of the other, he is considered a very humble guy.

TY: means “Thank you”. It is often used in the answer for GG (Good game). It is also considered extra humble when combined with GG (Good game) and the winner uses it to appreciate the loser.

EZ: is the short form for “Easy”, It is used by the winner most of the time, maybe to underestimate the opponent and to look cool. Therefore, it is considered rude.

GL: is used of “Good Luck”, is used in multiplayer games to wish luck to the opponent at the start of the game. This causes a very good impression most of the time.

AFK: is the short form of “Away from Keyboard” and is used when the player is away from the device. In the case of mobile gaming like PUBG Mobile, it can be written as AFM (Away from mobile).