CIS Full Form

A CIS is a computer information system that is used to transfer information among people through the computer. It involves the management and transfer of data through the computer network. The CIS professionals are responsible for this system.

CIS Full Forms

If you want to see the full detail of CIS, CIS full form, and abbreviations of CIS then check the table given below:

Full Form Category Term
Computer Information Systems Academic CIS
Commonwealth of Independent States Banking CIS
Confederation of Independent Systems Networking CIS
Compuserve Information Service Networking CIS
Computer Internet Server Networking CIS
Composite Information Server Softwares CIS
Chemical Information System Chemistry CIS
Continuous Interleaved Sampling Chemistry CIS
Carbonlite Ionet Suspension Chemistry CIS
Copper Indium Diselenide Electronics CIS
Can It Sam Messaging CIS
Comprehensive Income Statement Accounts and Finance CIS
Center for Internet Security Space Science CIS
Central Integration Site Space Science CIS
Change Impact Summary Space Science CIS
Communication Interface System Space Science CIS
Component Identification Sheet Space Science CIS
Contractor's Information Submittal Space Science CIS
Customer Information System Space Science CIS
Career Information System Job Title CIS
Central Independent States Country Specific CIS
Canton Island Airport Code CIS
Continuous Injection System Earth Science CIS
Commercial Insurance Services Insurance CIS
Commercial Insurance Services Insurance CIS
Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers Stock Exchange CIS
Criminal Investigative Service Military and Defence CIS
Combat Identification System Military and Defence CIS
Critical Information Shortfall Military and Defence CIS
Communications Interface Shelter Military and Defence CIS
Common Item Support Military and Defence CIS
Contact Image Sensor Military and Defence CIS
Command Information System Military and Defence CIS
Component Information System Military and Defence CIS

There are the number of careers in computer science that can be technical or theoretical. Computer information system CIS is one of the most rising career in this regard.

What is CIS?

CIS full form Computer Information System deals with the education of such techniques that are used to store, organize and process data in an organization. This system works in transferring information among people in different parts of the world with the help of computers.

The CIS professionals and expertise are responsible in handling and running the whole system. It’s a technology in which businesses are basically managed through computer. A CIS degree provides all knowledge regarding techniques required for running a business and its a rapidly growing area of education nowadays. The degree of Computer information system is a little similar to the degree of IT (Information technology). But CIS covers a wide range of knowledge related to business and technology as it teaches the learner that how you can bring improvement in your business by using computer techniques. Advanced computer tools make the progress in business more conventional and also make communication better.

With the help of CIS the analysis in a business of a large scale is made so easy. As told that CIS the Computer information System is practical knowledge so internships play a major role in CIS degree. The professionals of CIS do practical work, not theoretical things are of their type. They work with a large variety of different kinds of technologies which help in organizing the businesses easily. They also have to check that which and how the technology will work for business and then they chose the better one according to the company’s needs. The professionals of Computer information system CIS are used to work in teamwork. CIS includes software and hardware knowledge and this field keeps changing with new emerging technological tools.

Types of CIS (Computer information system)

CIS is such a vast field in which there are number of different categories. Some important types are:

  1.  Finance and accounting systems
  2.  Management information systems
  3. Transaction processing system
  4.  Executive information systems
  5.  Expert systems

Finance and accounting systems:

The system that keeps the financial records of business is called Finance and accounting system. All information about the financial data of the company is stored in it and all the financial activities are regulated by this system.

Management information systems:

This is a very brand information system as most of the decisions and analyses are done by this. MIS is a computer system that comprises of hardware and software that control and visualize the data of business. An example includes stock control systems. This system is for managers of organizations as it helps in decision-making and provides required data and summaries.

Transaction processing systems:

Business transactions of the company are carried out by the TPS transaction processing system. This comprises of computer hardware and software which has an application for daily transactions of the enterprise. The example includes airline reservations.

Executive information systems:

EIS is the type of management support system actually and in this system executives are helped in decision making. The executive information system includes hardware, software, telecommunication, user interface, and it is graphically displayed on the user interface. Lightship, forest, and trees are examples of an EIS. This system keeps up-to-date the senior managers of the company too.

Expert systems:

A computer system that uses artificial intelligence technologies is designed to bring solutions of complex things. The purpose of the expert system is to imitate the knowledge of human experts and skills and then use that information in problem-solving. Business leaders use this system for solutions. This system centralizes the decision-making process. DENDRAL (a system in which molecular structures are studied) is one of the examples of the expert system.

Which skills are required to be a part of CIS?

Every career has different requirements. If someone wants to go for CIS so these are the skills he/she should have:

  • Good communication skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Problem-solving nature
  • Teamwork
  • Project management
  • Programming knowledge language
  • Organizational skills

These are some of the most necessary abilities required for CIS.

Careers in computer information system

While discussing careers, if you take CIS only a single career then let me tell you that you are wrong. Because CIS full form computer information system has a grand list of careers in its pocket and some of those are discussed here.

     1. Computer systems analysts

Those who are in this field of CIS have the duty of handling the company’s computer software. They analyze the requirements of users and provide solutions and bring improvements in existing systems. These analysts are also called system architects.

     2. Software developer

Another most interesting field in CIS is of software developer. The applications that we use in computers are developed by them. That’s why they are also called as creative minds behind computer programs.

     3. Database administrators

DBA’s are organizers who do their jobs by storing and organizing data using specific softwares. They are responsible for database in the system and so known as database analysts. Their job includes database design, coordination, configuration, and backup and data recover.

     4. Web developer

Web development is another field in Computer information systems. People in this field have some important work to do and that is to build and design websites. Web developers are basically responsible for everything related to the websites that how it works, how much traffic it has, and how the content of the site is.

      5. Computer programmer

Computer programmers take care of all the programs of the computer actually. They write and test codes that allow programs or applications to function. They also maintain the detailed instructions of computer programs and also the programs made by software developers are further regulated by them.

Salary of CIS professionals

CIS is a highly valued career and its professionals have a financially safe and bright future. Starting salary of a CIS professional is 37,480 dollars which increase with time to time. So making money with CIS as a career is not a tough job.