MIS Full Form

MIS is a system. It is a system that provides essential information that is required to manage a company. These are computer software. You can see the full detail of MIS, full forms of MIS, and abbreviations of MIS in the table given below.

Full Form Category Term
Management Information System(s) Software MIS
Management Information System Ministry of Communications and Information Technology MIS
Management Information Systems Information Technology MIS
Master of Interdisciplinary Studies Educational Degree MIS
Management Information Science Educational Degree MIS
Mobile Information Service Telecommunication MIS
Mobile Internet Server Networking MIS
Managed Internet Service Networking MIS
Master Identification Sequence Networking MIS
Mission File (games) File Type MIS
Metal Insulator Semiconductor Electronics MIS
Market Intervention Scheme Messaging MIS
Mission Information Subsystem Space Science MIS
Manager of Information Systems Job Title MIS
Misima Island Airport Code MIS
Mathematics In The Sciences Maths MIS
Mountain Ice Sheet Earth Science MIS
Mirror Image Stimulation Physics Related MIS
Management Information Summary Business Management MIS
Management Business Management MIS
Mississauga Sports Centre Sports MIS
Mission Intelligence Segment (within Cars) Military and Defence MIS
Mission In Stealth Military and Defence MIS
Maritime Intelligence Summary Military and Defence MIS