CV Full Form

CV is a type of document where you express your qualification, work experience, and personal detail. The other term of CV is 'resume'. You have to need a CV when you go for a job interview. You can see the full detail of CV, full forms of CV, and abbreviations of CV in the table given below.

Full Form Category Term
Curriculum Vitae Recruitment CV
Code Violation Computer and Networking CV
Cape Verde Country Names CV
Coding Violation Telecommunication CV
Corel Versions Archive File Type CV
Microsoft Codeview Information Screen File Type CV
Cross Validation Softwares CV
Component Version Softwares CV
Crypton Vocaloid Computer Technology CV
CAUVERY Indian Railway Station CV
Control Voltage Electronics CV
Capacitance-to-voltage Electronics CV
Collateral Value Banking CV
Curriculumn Vitae Messaging CV
Complete Valuation Accounts and Finance CV
Check Valve Space Science CV
Coefficient of Variation Space Science CV
Canaveral Expendable Vehicles Operations Directorate Space Science CV
Commissionable Volume Job Title CV
Compressed Video Computer Hardware CV
Computer Video Computer Hardware CV
Flow Coefficient Physics Related Cv
Constant Velocity Physics Related CV
Contribution Value Military and Defence CV
Cost Variance Military and Defence CV
Aircraft Carrier (cruiser, Heavier-than-air Aircraft) Military and Defence CV
Critical Vulnerability Military and Defence CV
Classified Ventures Military and Defence CV