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Before the pandemic, people had no time to give to things like memes and stickers. Whilst being stuck at home, there was a lot of time that people had to know what was going on in the world, even about the things they gave no importance to in the past. This included memes and stickers on WhatsApp. Once masses were introduced to this form of expressing things in their hearts in the form of stickers, there was no going back to typing their hearts out.

Here we have provided you a list of Sticker WhatsApp Group Link that you can join easily by just clicking on join button.

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Group 29302
Group 29019
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Group 28744
Group 28716
Group 28446
Group 28440
Group 28331
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Group 27215
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Group 26989
Group 26883
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Group 26715
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Group 26392
Group 26286
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Group 26142
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Group 24159
Group 24083
Group 23969
Group 23880
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Group 23619
Group 23488
Group 23388
Group 23307
Group 23204
Group 23099
Group 22987
Group 22927
Group 22837
Group 22794
Group 22709
Group 22623
Group 22531
Group 22347
Group 22261
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Group 22080
Group 22023
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Group 21847
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Group 5862
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Group 5746
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Over the past few years, it has been observed that people enjoy sending stickers to each other to express whatever they want to say. This included wanting to say something amusing or something rude. Although WhatsApp stickers increased the intensity of the humorous reaction, they lessened the rudeness. This was because the stickers made every response funny and comical.

WhatsApp stickers made the conversations fun and enjoyable. Owing to this, there was rise in the dire need of wanting stickers related to every topic, may it be funny, rude, friendly or romantic. This ended up being a necessity for people. It was not as if this was essential to have a conversation but this was one of the limited ways people could enjoy having a conversation while being in lockdown. This is not the situation at the moment, but somehow, the preference of using WhatsApp stickers has latched onto people. This preference does not seem to be going away anytime soon.

Impact of WhatsApp Stickers on the Conversation

At the time where people were on the brink of losing it, it was difficult to understand the intent of a said statement. This was always an issue but during the pandemic, it was quite significant. WhatsApp stickers made the intent clear. Even if the intention of a said statement was to instigate someone, a small sticker would take away the negativity and people took it to be lighter than it may have meant in the absence of the sticker.

In addition to this, people are always in a dire need of positivity. Fun, comical and visually appealing stickers enhance the quality of the conversation. Stickers make the general vibe of the conversation more interesting and you feel more involved while talking to someone. Even if it does not make the conversation like talking to someone in person, people feel more involved in the conversation taking place.

The WhatsApp stickers gave a deeper context to the statements that people say to one another. These statements made conversations more fun, or more normal than they would have been without the stickers in use.

Benefits of Joining WhatsApp Stickers Groups

Using stickers is based on them being related to the conversations. Considering everyone is using their phones to communicate with others all the time, people need to have stickers related to all kinds of conversations. When one joins the WhatsApp stickers group, there is an ample amount of stickers coming our way. People, who have joined the WhatsApp stickers group, belong to different areas and are in different phases of life. They all are exposed to different kinds of stickers so anyone who is a part of these groups will send in a lot of stickers that they get from their circles.

The admins of these groups also keep sending the stickers they have. This makes the participants of the WhatsApp stickers group receive a lot of different stickers to choose from. Instead of downloading different apps to get stickers from, simply by joining the group, here, is enough.

How to Join These WhatsApp Stickers Groups?

Social media and several websites have links to several WhatsApp groups. Some of these have WhatsApp sticker group links that you can click on to join. It is that simple to join these groups. Along with this, people can share the WhatsApp sticker group links with the people who they think will be interested in them.

Once you have found the group that you want to join, you will have to follow the following steps to join the WhatsApp stickers group link:

  • Choose any type of WhatsApp group listed on a particular site
  • Click the link for the group you want to join
  • You will be redirected to WhatsApp and then you will have to click on the join button.

With this, you will be a part of the group that you want. This is where the admins generally send you a set of rules that you have to follow while you are a part of the group.

Rules after You Click on the WhatsApp Sticker Groups

There is a set of rules that you need to abide by after you click on the WhatsApp stickers group link. These rules vary from group to group, but some of these, which are constant for all groups, are mentioned below.

  • No participant is allowed to send random messages in the group.
  • No participant is allowed to send promotional messages or links into the groups.
  • No participant is allowed to share any personal information in the group.
  • No participant is allowed to text any other participant and this rule comes with no exceptions.

If any of these rules is not followed, the guilty participant will be removed instantly and will not be allowed into the group after that.


WhatsApp sticker group links are your one and only stop to have the best stickers and be the one and only go-to person that people come to for stickers. It’s either this, or you could just share the WhatsApp sticker group links with your circle. This will enhance the conversational experience that you will have with your entire group. It will be fun and nothing could take that experience back from you. You can obviously have a conversation without the stickers, but if there is a more fun way, then why don’t you just go for it.