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Female WhatsApp Group Link List to Join

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More WhatsApp Groups


Whatsapp groups

We will first talk about what a Whatsapp group is. If you are already using Whatsapp, you’ve probably heard of a Whatsapp group. “It’s a chat room where you can invite people and everyone can talk.” It’s a terrific way to organize events, make and discuss your plans, and chat with your co-workers, friends, or colleagues. Whatsapp groups are useful when you want to share your ideas with like-minded people and with the help of these groups you can connect with 256 people at once. But it also has demerits like they can be considered a lack of privacy.

 It has many types like:

  • Relatives group
  • Friends Group
  • Class Group
  • Group to discuss and make a plan 
  • Gender group (Female and Males group)

And here we are talking about female Whatsapp groups so let’s discuss it in brief.

Female Whatsapp group:

Many girls have recently begun to use Whatsapp groups to communicate with one another and share information. Commonly these groups are made for girls who are looking to discuss something with other girls that they can’t with boys. Or like they post about their dramas and give feedback to each other. It is a convenient way for girls to stay in touch without having to call or meet in person.

Boys also join these groups to have fun chitchat with girls or to make new friends. Some groups allow boys to be a part of these groups but some groups have a high privacy policy and don’t allow boys to join these groups. Nowadays these groups are becoming very common and trendy for those who want to have fun.

But other than these, these groups can also be used for business purposes like if someone wants to advertise their salon, makeup products, or stitched and unstitched clothes. Not every female Whatsapp group is made to just have some fun but can also be used positively.

 Now joining these groups have some of its own rules like…

  • No fighting or abuse in the group
  • Promotion or advertisement requires everyone’s permission
  • You can’t change a group name
  • Posting adult posts are not allowed
  • No personal message to other members
  • Respect all group members

Female Whatsapp group link:

Links through which you can join any female Whatsapp group can be found on google by searching. There are tons of links on Google and you can join any group you want through given links, you can discuss your feelings or daily life thoughts with the members of these groups. But you should consider your safety first. Like some links are created by hackers to hack your all data and then harass you. There can be any virus in the link which can hack our data.

      Now how to join any female link…

If you want to join entertaining groups then search it on Google choose any link and then choose the group with the name and members.  Then click on the join button to join the group. Once you join the group you can chat with other group members, share entertainment-related content, and more. You can also share these group links with your friends. But again, keep in mind your safety first and confirm the related groups’ privacy and then join it. Don’t always click on group links shared by your friends without any confirmation.

Names of some best female groups:

  • Chatting with friends’ group
  • Cute members group
  • Boyfriend vs girlfriends group
  • Only female
  • Beautiful girl
  • Only girls

If you want to have fun chatting with people you can join these groups but you can also consume this time in some positive activities to try to avoid these groups as they are addictive and harmful.

Pros and cons of these groups:

Everything or every app on social media has its advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the person using these apps and in what way he is going to use them. As we are talking about Whatsapp groups the female Whatsapp group roaming around social media so let’s discuss its advantages and disadvantages…


People can get your number anyhow

No privacy as people can see whether you are online or not


Unsolicited group chats make you hear things you don’t want to hear


You can get more information about the world

Get to know more about other people and their liking

Can discuss your feelings to unknowns as they can’t tell you so you can feel more confident

So, by reading this article I hope you got information that you can decide on your own whether you have to join these female groups or not …and not only female groups but all other groups.  Hope you get what you wanted to.