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Islamic WhatsApp Group Link List to Join

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More WhatsApp Groups


WhatsApp has become one of the most used apps since corvid hit. The pandemic changed a lot of things that people were used to before and one of those things is the Islamic gatherings that people had. Using WhatsApp people started to substitute these gatherings and made sure that they had the feel of these gatherings while being locked up. This proved to be a great convenience to people and since then people have started sharing Islamic WhatsApp group links for people to share them with others and join them as wel1.

How are these groups made?

Usually a person with a great social gathering asks people who they feel would want to be a part of such groups. Once the person who wants to create the group gets permission from a good amount of people, they create a group and share the Islamic WhatsApp group Link with the concerned people. People then click on these Islamic WhatsApp Group Link and join the group.

What are these groups related to?

These groups are basically related to Islam but their purpose may differ. Based on the purpose and the interests of people, they use the Islamic WhatsApp group link to ensure that they get into these groups. The Islamic WhatsApp group links make it easier for people to join the groups since the reach of these groups in increased when it is not the duty of a single person to add people in these groups.

What are these Islamic WhatsApp group links about?

The topic of these WhatsApp groups is basically Islamic but they have different purposes. Some of the most commonly known purposes are as follows:

Quran Recitation Whatsapp Groups

The most common type of Islamic WhatsApp groups is the Quran recitation group. These groups are for the people who want to recite the holy Quran but are unable to do so because completing an entire Quran in a short period of time is a tedious task. For this purpose these groups are made. People join these groups and they are allotted some chapters of the Holy Quran, also known as parahs.Each person is given a stipulated time limit in which they have to read the allotted parahs of the holy Quran. After an entire Quran is read, people pray for whoever they want to bestow the benefits of the holy Quran to. After this one cycle is completed, the parahs are again divided into the group and people start reciting them again.

Islamic Wazaif Group

Another purpose for which the WhatsApp Islamic Groups are used is to forward wazaif. Wazaif are specific ayats or words recited for a specific purpose. This entails that people send the wazaif and the purpose for which they are recited in the groups and others benefit from them. People can save the wazaif they want and recite them according to their desires. These groups are generally locked for the participants and the admins are the only ones who can post. This ensures that only authentic information is posted here. There is no hoax and no scam.

Another way in which these groups work is by having the group opened at a specific time for the people to send in their queries and issues. Once people have sent in their questions and the stipulated time is up, the group is locked and the questions are answered.

Islamic Education WhatsApp Group

Since internet is accessible to all, anyone can post anything that they want on the web. There is next to no source to verify the information that people find on the internet. Also, multiple sources give random contradicting information and no one knows what to believe and what not to believe.

These groups post verified authentic information for the people. There are proper references from either the holy Quran or the Ahadith. For the people in these groups, information is easily accessible and they are able to understand their religion in a better way.

This leaves no room for doubt and no wrong concepts are associated with Islam. People get a better understanding of what they are supposed to believe in. This makes them get in touch with the divine entity in a far better way.

Why these groups and not any other way of getting things done the right way?

People can be overwhelmed when they come across religious concepts and information if they get a lot of it at once. Also, looking up information can be a tedious task when people do not understand how to set the truth apart from all the lies.

These groups provide people a safe and secure environment where they do not need to do a lot, for when it comes to the Quran recitation groups. And when it comes to the informative groups, they come across random information that may help them out any time in their lives. This is far better than sitting specifically for the purpose of learning about religion since researches claim that people retain information better when they come across it randomly as opposed to looking it up on the web.

In addition to this, having authentic information from a single source will let people understand the religion better. For when they come across such information, they will be able to set apart the truths and the misconceptions associated with Islam. The information they get will not be for a specific time and age, it will affect the way they think and feel about the religion.

To sum it all up

Since everything can be done on screens and there is no boundary to learn and experience things, digitalizing religion can end up being a great thing. The reach will be far greater and people will keep on coming across religious points and truths without having to make effort for it. We never know which point will make people understand what Islam is and all the things that it entails.

Since people learn about everything from the web, like makeup, different languages, arts, crafts and what not. Adding religion to it will just be a great thing for the people, those who are in touch with the divine, and also those who are not.