How To Lay Artificial Grass?

Posted: 28-09-2021

How To Lay Artificial Grass?

What is an artificial grass?

Basically, artificial grass is a man-made material which is made up of synthetic fibre and it looks like a grass. Basically, it looks like a carpet and it has different pile heights.

Artificial grass was first used at world`s first indoor sports stadium in 1966 at Houston.

How to lay an artificial grass?

Artificial grass is becoming more popular in different countries because it offers a low maintenance as compared to the natural grass. Some people are still hesitant because they think that it is very difficult to install artificial grass yourself.

Tools Required

If you want to install artificial grass then you should have good equipments for better result.

Tools required to lay artificial grass are:

  • Turf Cutter

Turf cutter is an important tool for laying grass. Turf cutter is used for stripping of ground. We can remove the grass easily by using a turf cutter and often it is time-saving.

how to lay artificial grass

  • Rake/Shovel

We can`t install grass without these tools. These tools are used to remove the extra grass and for smoothing  grass.

how to lay artificial grass

  • Wheel Barrow

Wheel barrow makes our work easier. It is used to carry material from one place to other. If we are working in a large garden then it is an important tool to carry material over long distances.

how to lay artificial grass

  • Use of Knife

For the neatness of grass, it is mandatory to have a sharp knife. It will give a beautiful shape to the grass.

how to lay artificial grass

  • Seaming tape

There is a special type of tape available in the market which can be used to join the artificial grass so the gaps between the grass carpet aren`t visible.

how to lay artificial grass

  • Broom

If we want our grass to look neat and clean then we should use broom to clean the trash from the grass.

how to install artificial grass

  • Gloves

By using gloves, we can install the grass easily on our lawns and it prevents our hands from getting damaged.

tools to install artificial grass

Putting Foam Under the Grass

It is better to put a foam under the grass before putting the grass on the floor and the surface should be properly cleaned before putting down the foam and a glue should be used so that the foam can be sticked with the floor. The use of foam gives a better drainage system for the grass and it makes the grass very smooth and soft.

artificial grass foam

Preparation of ground for artificial grass

  • Clean the ground
  • Remove the small grass or little plants already present on the ground.
  • If there is water on the surface where the grass is going to be placed then the water should be properly soaked out
  • Remove the unwanted rocks from the surface
  • Apply the glue on the surface where the grass is going to be placed
  • Put the foam on the glue and give it sometime so that it can get dry.

Installing Artificial Grass

Now then the surface is properly cleaned the step next is to create the edges around the foam. After the edges are made now apply some weed membrane so that the weed cannot grow, also it will allow a proper water drainage.

After all that now you can place the grass but be careful to not to move the weed membrane and now you should use knife to cut the extra grass and if the grass is in form of piles, then the position of all the piles should be toward the house or the viewer. If grass ha some knicks you should give sometime to it. After this now you have to join the grass so there is a special type of glue available which you can get from the market and seaming tape should be used to join the grass like a pro. If your grass is with the fencing then simply pull back the grass fibre and take 3 to 8 tiny screws and fix it. If you have an in-fill grass then you should fill it with sand and if you have non-fill grass than sand is not required.

And that`s how to law the artificial grass

  • Tip

A brush is available in the market that can be used to clean the grass.

On which surfaces the grass can be installed?

  • It can be installed on Concrete.
  • It can be installed on soil.
  • It can be installed on decking.

Advantages of Artificial grass

  • Major advantage of artificial grass is that it doesn`t require any water and on the other hand natural grass requires water.
  • Artificial grass is for lifetime and it don`t shows brown any kind of spots on it.
  • Artificial grass takes no maintenance like cutting cleaning and it always looks green.

how to lay artificial grass