How to Open a Locker? Methods to Open a Locker

Posted: 13-01-2022

How to Open a Locker? Methods to Open a Locker

Opening When You Know Your lock's Combination

  1. Spin the dial three times in a clockwise direction. This process ‘clears’ the combination you have set before. If you mess up while doing this process, do this again to start over.
  2. Spin the dial in right direction and then stop at your first number. For entering the second number, turn the dial in left direction and then stop at your number. For entering third number, turn the dial again in right direction. Some locks are odd and finicky, if your locker is not opening after you put the right combination, try turning left past your second number once and stopping it on the next go around. Always remember: right, left, right.

If the Locker is Jammed

  1. Firstly inspect the key slot of locker to see if anything is in there, spray some penetrating oil in the key slot, and pull out the blockage with the help of pair of needles or nose pliers.
  2. Dirt and grime particles can build up and stop your locker from opening. The best lubricant used to help turn the key slot is powdered graphite lubricant. You have to apply some graphite in the lock’s opening, and after that put your key in the key slot. Now turn the key a few times to work in the lubricant and see if the lubricant works and allows you to open the locker.

How to Open a Locker without a Key

Lock Picking Method:

Lock picking is a popular way that you can use to open a lock without a key. The implementation of this method requires a range of lock pins, but we can also accomplish it by using paper clips. This method is quite simple but it requires practice and also time to master it.

Rod and Screw Method:

This is a nice technique used for opening locked car doors without keys. But you have to be careful while applying this method because it can damage your car. Use this method only when your car door is stuck. All you need is a long rod made of a strong material and a screwdriver.

You have to wedge the screwdriver on the upper side of the frame that separates the back seats from the front ones. After cracking the door, just slip the rod and press the unlocking button located along the door panel.

The Bolt Cutter Method:

It is the quickest way to open a lock when you have lost your key. In this method you will lose you lock. To open the lock using bolt cutters, you have to position the shears of the cutter on one side of the shackle (U-shaped upper part of the lock). Compress the handles of the bolt cutter together until the lock is cracked.

The Master Key Method:

The master key is a key that can open many locks within a home. Master keys are made by locksmiths and are more expensive than an average key. If you have a master key, you can simply insert it in the key slot and open the lock.

The Shimming Method:

A shim is a small piece of metal that is made in such a way that it can be maneuvered into the top part of the lock, where the shackle (U-shaped upper part of the lock) meets the body. Insert the shim into the body of the lock and move it back and forth until you hear a hasp click. At that point you have opened your lock.

The Scissor method:

You can open a lock by inserting a pair of scissors into the hole of the lock until the blades of the scissor hits the back of the lock. The blades of the scissor should be thin enough so that they fit into the hole of the lock. After that you have to turn the scissors in the counter clockwise direction (from left to right), once the blades of the scissors are deeply inserted in the hole of the lock. Shift and move the scissors around until the lock is opened.

The Wrench Method:

In this method you need two wrenches, place one on each side of the shackle (U-shaped upper part of the lock) and compress the handles as close together as you can. This method requires a lot of strength. Keep compressing the handles until the shackle breaks in two pieces. But in this method, you will lose your lock.

Hammering the Lock:

In this method, you require a hammer. You can use the hammer to hit the lock’s fixed side again and again because that is the side where pins are. After a while, the pins of lock will detach and the lock will open easily. You have to make sure not to use extravagant force so that your lock can be reused again, whenever you want. If you do not have a hammer you can also use the handle of the screwdriver for this process.

Force Open a Lock:

The simplest way of opening the lock is to put your two fingers into the shackle (U-shaped upper part of the lock) and use your fingers to crack out the shackle away from the top of the lock. This process will put the locking pins of the lock into the right position for a quick cracking job.

Paper Clip Method:

Opening a lock with a paper clip is pretty much same to the way as picking a lock with a wrench and rake. You have to turn two paper clips into those two very same tools and then you can open the lock with the paper clips.

The Knife Method:

To open a lock with the help of a knife, you have to keep inserting the top of the knife in the key slot until the knife hits the back of the lock. After that, you have to apply a very small turning force (torque) on the knife just like you are turning a key.