How to Check Vehicle Registration through SMS?

Posted: 04-11-2021

How to Check Vehicle Registration through SMS?

How to check vehicle registration via SMS?

When one comes across an old car that one wants to buy, it is considered to be quite a risky affair. The reason for this is that we are not sure as to how one should get the relevant documents verified. Provided that one figure out how to do it, it is like hitting a jackpot. You would be getting a car at a price much lower than its first-hand counterpart. It is quite a long process, going from one place to the next, waiting in extremely long queues, and getting all the documents verified.

If that is your prime issue with buying an old car, let us tell you that with the time, this ever-progressing world, when people are digitalizing everything, it would have been illogical to keep the document verification when buying a used car manual. To make this process easier, it is now possible for you to verify the relevant documents through SMS in Pakistan.

Here, the only thing you possibly need is a mobile phone which you would use to send the SMS from. That’s all. You do not need anything else. This blog would be addressing all the queries that you might possibly have regarding checking the vehicle registration via SMS like what information could you possibly get and who would you be sending that inquiry SMS to.

Check vehicle registration via SMS in Pakistan

The two extremely easy ways through which you can check the vehicle registration in Pakistan, regardless of which province you are from, are:

  • Through MTMIS
  • By sending an SMS

These online and SMS verifications or registration checks can easily be done in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Islamabad. Work is being done to make the said process as efficient in Balochistan as well. Along with the usage of the online platforms to check the registration of used cars, an offline platform, SMS, is also used for efficient working.

Process of vehicle registration through SMS

  1. Open the message window on your phone.
  2. Enter the vehicle number and send it to the designated number of your province.

And that is all. After this you will be provided with the chassis number, the engine number, and the registration date along with the name and credentials of the owner.

To check the vehicle registration number, the province wise numbers are mentioned below:

Punjab: 8785

Islamabad: 8521

The SMS system does not operate properly in other provinces so going for the online verification would be better instead of sending messages to these numbers a d hoping to get a response. You might be able to get information, but not necessarily so. The response to these messages would be received within a minute or two

How to check the vehicle registration online?

The four websites which are available to make checking vehicle registration online possible are:

  • MTMIS Punjab
  • MTMIS Sindh
  • MTMIS Islamabad

The initial step would be to go on the website of the concerned area. A vehicle verification page would open up where you would have to add the vehicle’s number in all capital letters. There are differences in the number plates so you would be required to add the numbers just like it is. If there are dashes, write the number accordingly.

Verify yourself through the Recaptcha verification system and then click on the search button. You would then be displayed the information regarding the vehicle number you had entered.

The information you would be provided with is as follows:

  • The credentials of the owner; the owner's name, parentage, the city where the owner of the car resides, his or her address.
  • The payment details, if available.
  • The vehicle details like the chassis number, engine number, make date, registration date, model of the car, and the vehicle price.

On some websites, you would even get the option to look up cars by two-wheelers and four-wheelers. You would then have to click on the type of vehicle that you have to check the verification for.

These step-to-step instructions will be able to guide you through the process of verifying the registration of a car that you may be interested in buying.

Provided that these steps do not work for you, you would have to locally get information as to what would be the process of getting proof or verification of registration of used cars that you would be interested to buy.