TFT Full Form

TFT is a type of LCD. It is called TFT because pixels are controlled by transistors. It provides the best solution of all flat-panel technologies. It is the most expensive. Its display are usually designed to run specific resolutions. 

TFT Full form

If you want to know the TFT full form and abbreviations of TFT then check the table given below:

Full Form Category Term
Thin Film Transistor Electronic Device TFT
Thin Flim Transistor Chemistry TFT
Tax Free Threshold Accounts and Finance TFT
Taftan Airport Code TFT
The Friday Thing Computer Hardware TFT
Thin-film-transistor Computer Hardware TFT
Thin-film Transistor Physics Related TFT
Turbulent Flow Technology Physics Related TFT
Task Force Tiger Military and Defence TFT
Technical Feasibility Test(ing) Military and Defence TFT
Time From Transmission Military and Defence TFT