DM Full Form

DM is a social media term. It allows private messages between users on social networks. You have heard about it on social media. Sometimes people says you that "DM me". It means he or she is saying that "Direct Message" me. This term is very popular on social media. It is most popular on social media networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. It is also known as a private message.

Full Form Category Term
Direct Message Social Media DM
Private message Social Media DM
Digital marketing Social Media DM
Digital media Social Media DM
DM Duo A Youtube Channel DM
Danger Mouse A British television series DM
Deathmatch Gaming DM
Dungeon Master Gaming DM
D minor A chord on the musical note D DM
Dance marathon Music DM
Death metal Music DM
Depeche Mode Music DM
Drum major Music DM
Deutsche Mark business and economics DM
East German mark business and economics DM
Developed market business and economics DM
Direct mail business and economics DM
Direct market business and economics DM
Direct marketing business and economics DM
Daily Mail Companies or product DM
Detroit and Mackinac Railway Companies or product DM
dm-drogerie markt Companies or product DM
Dr. Martens Companies or product DM
Dr. Martens Maersk Air DM
Designated marksman Military DM
Royal Naval Armaments Depot Military DM
Dominica Place DM
Des Moines Place DM
Davis-Monthan Place DM
Data mart Computing DM
Data migration Computing DM
Data mining Computing DM
Digital Monolithic Computing DM
Dimensional modeling Computing DM
Display Manager Software DM
Device management Software DM
Device mapper Software DM
X display manager Software DM
Degenerative myelopathy Medicine DM
Dextromethorphan Medicine DM
Diabetes mellitus Medicine DM
Difference due to memory Medicine DM
Double minute Medicine DM
Myotonic dystrophy Medicine DM
Dermatomyositis Medicine DM
Dark matter Physics DM
Deformable mirror Physics DM
Dichroic mirror Physics DM
Dispersion measure Physics DM
Dry matter Physics DM
Decimetre Units of length DM
Decametre Units of length DM
Data mile Units of length DM