PSI Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Pound per Square Inch Measurement Unit PSI
Packetnet System Interface Networking PSI
Program Structure Interface Softwares PSI
Program Specific Information Softwares PSI
Pounds Per Square Inch Chemistry PSI
Pounds Per Square Inch (lb/in2 Preferred) Space Science PSI
Power Static Inverter Space Science PSI
Peer Search Infrastructure Job Title PSI
Pasni Airport Code PSI
Position Specific Iterated Maths PSI
Principles for Sustainable Insurance Insurance PSI
Proliferation Security Initiative Military and Defence PSI
Personnel Security Investigation Military and Defence PSI
Proliferation Security Initiative Psi Pounds Per Square Inch Military and Defence PSI
Police Sub Inspector Indian Police Rank PSI

What are abbreviations?

Abbreviations are short forms of a set of word with their meaning relying on which field and area of work are they related to. Some abbreviations are repetitive while some are unique. The repetitive ones include PSI. A lot of people online keep looking up the full form of PSI, which has multiple full forms based on from which perspective are people looking it up.

PSI meaning Pound per Square Inch

PSI stands for Pound per Square Inch. It is the scientific unit of pressure and stress and is also written as PSI or 1 lb (pound)/ 1inch2. One PSI is the pressure that is created when a pound of force is applied to it. To be exact, it is the amount of pressure that is applied on one inch area in square.

PSI is used to measure the tensile strength in materials or elements and to measure the elastic module of the PSIs where there are more than a single PSI similar or common.

Population Service International

In addition to this, PSI also stands for Population Service International. It is a health organization which was established to work towards improving the health of those who inhibited the developing countries.

It educated people on the advantages of family planning and how it would not only improve their health but also living conditions. It provided clinical services for the people against HIV, malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia and malnutrition. The headquarters of the Population Health International are in Washington D. C. It is working in almost hundred countries and has over 10,000 people employed.

Establishment of PSI

PSI was founded in 1970 and its initial purpose was to make people sure that people see the importance of family planning. It educated people on the benefits of planning a family. After some time, it started adding into the facilities that it was providing the people. In 1985, it started to provide oral rehydration therapy. This therapy helped restore the lost water to the body tissues and fluids.

Later on, after the developing issues started having issues with sexually transmitted diseases, in 1988, they started working towards the prevention of HIV. Here they promoted fidelity and the use of condoms to make sure people did not contract any disease transmitted through sexual activity. Later on, they added malaria and tuberculosis to their services in the present century.