Love Poetry Hindi, Urdu

Posted: 28-07-2023

Love Poetry Hindi, Urdu

Urdu, Hindi love poetry, known for its enchanting verses and profound expressions, has long captivated hearts and souls across the Indian subcontinent and beyond. Rich in imagery and emotional depth, this literary art form has served as a poignant medium for poets to articulate the complexities of love, passion, and longing, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of readers through the ages.


Tum mere ho, mere ho bas mere hi rehna

Meri saanson mein samaa ke, khud ko behjna


Mohabbat mein ye afsana hota hai

Dard-o-gham ka rishta purana hota hai


Kuch ishq kiya kuch kaam kiya

Kuch ishq kiya kuch kaam kiya

Jawaniyaan tujhpe nisaar kiya

Khud ko tujhpe vaar diya


Dil ki baat zuban pe aane ki der hai

Tumse milne ki aas rehne ki der hai

Ab toh aa jao mere yaar, itna taasur hai mujh pe

Kehne ki der hai, kya haal hai mere yaar?


Tera ishq meri rooh mein

Bas gaya hai, aakhiri khwahish ban gaya hai


Teri aankhon ki gehrayi mein kho jana hai

Tujhse milne ki aarzoo dil mein basaana hai


Mohabbat karne wale kam na honge

Teri mehfil mein lekin hum na honge


Tere ishq mein dooba rahein

Tujhse juda na ho payein


Duniya ke bazaar mein sabse anmol

Mohabbat hai teri, mere dil ki dastan


Ishq ki barish mein bhigna hai mujhe

Teri yaadon mein kho jana hai mujhe


Tere ishq mein jeena hai, marna hai

Teri deewangi mein khud ko bhulana hai


Tumse milne ki aas liye beqarar hain hum

Mohabbat mein tumhari, deewane ho gaye hum


Aapki yaadon mein kho kar jiya karte hain

Aapki khushbu mein khud ko bhula diya karte hain


Mohabbat ki rahon mein aksar thokar khaye hain

Tumhari yaadon se dil ko aabad kiya karte hain


Teri aankhon ki chamak se sajti hai duniya

Tujhse juda na ho, yeh dua kiya karte hain


Ishq ki raah mein chalna mushkil hai

Par tujhse juda hokar jeena, usse bhi zyada mushkil hai


Teri baahon mein jannat hai basi

Tujhse juda na ho, yeh khwahish hai meri aakhiri


Tere ishq mein gum rahein, khushiyaan ho saari

Tujhse juda na ho, yeh hai meri dastaan hamari


Aankhon mein teri kho jana hai

Tere pyaar mein khud ko khona hai


Mohabbat ki raahon mein chalna mushkil hai

Par teri yaadon mein khud ko bhool jana hai asaan


Dating back to the 13th century with the likes of Amir Khusrau and later flourishing during the Mughal era, Urdu, Hindi love poetry blossomed as a result of the intermingling of Persian, Arabic, and Indian poetic traditions. This amalgamation created a unique and mellifluous language that lent itself beautifully to expressions of love and romance.

One of the most prominent themes in Urdu, Hindi love poetry is unrequited love. Poets often expressed the pain of unfulfilled desires and the agony of separation from their beloved. Their verses wove tales of devotion, sacrifice, and yearning, evoking a sense of empathy and catharsis in readers. The ghazal, a form of poetic expression with a fixed rhyming scheme, became the quintessential vehicle for conveying these emotions. Mir Taqi Mir and Ghalib are two towering figures in the world of Urdu, Hindi ghazals, whose verses continue to resonate with lovers of poetry to this day.

Urdu, Hindi love poetry also celebrates the beauty of the beloved, often drawing inspiration from nature to describe their enchanting features. Comparing the eyes to twinkling stars, the lips to blooming roses, and the beloved's grace to a gazelle's gait, poets created a tapestry of imagery that painted vivid pictures of their love's allure.

The romantic ethos of Urdu, Hindi love poetry has remained relevant through the centuries, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers. With the advent of modernity, the tradition has evolved, embracing contemporary themes while retaining its timeless essence. Today, contemporary poets continue to contribute to the genre, blending classic motifs with modern sensibilities to speak to a new generation of readers.

Urdu, Hindi love poetry is an art form that weaves emotions into words, leaving an everlasting impact on the hearts of its audience. It celebrates the highs and lows of love, the joy of union, and the ache of separation. Urdu, Hindi love poetry continues to be cherished for its ability to encapsulate the profound emotions that make us human, reminding us that the language of love transcends time and place. As the world evolves, these verses of love and longing shall continue to find resonance in the depths of the human soul, forever cherished and revered.