WhatsApp Number For Girl For Friendship

Posted: 17-06-2021

WhatsApp Number For Girl For Friendship

WhatsApp Number For Girl

If you are searching for the WhatsApp number for girl then you are here at the right place. Here we will give you multiple girls WhatsApp number that you can save in your phone and can chat with girls on WhatsApp.

There are multiple girls in the world who want to chat with boys. They want to make friends from all over the world. They use the internet for sharing their numbers. They share their numbers on different websites. People see their number and contact them. When a boy contacts someone then they chat with each other and when that girl feels safe with that boy who contacts then she try to become his friend or girlfriend. A list of girls' WhatsApp numbers is given below in the table. Check that number and start chatting with girls.

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Get girls WhatsApp number  

If the numbers given on this page do not work then you don’t need to worry about it because we have also a page of girls WhatsApp group. You can visit that page and start joining the group. After joining the group you will be able to see girls' WhatsApp numbers in that group and then you can chat with them. Here is the process of how you can do it.

  1. First of all, you have to visit our girls WhatsApp groups.
  2. You will see multiple groups and a joining button in front of them.
  3. Select the group that you want to join.
  4. Click on the ‘join’ button in front of that group.
  5. After clicking you will be entered into the group.
  6. Now you can see the list of girls WhatsApp numbers that are available in the member list.
  7. Click the link given below to visit girls WhatsApp group page.

USA girls WhatsApp number

It is a dream of multiple people to make a friend with a girl in the USA. They need the numbers of the USA girls. They search for USA girls WhatsApp number. Here we provide you the USA girls WhatsApp number. Check the table given below to see the list of girls WhatsApp numbers from USA.


Indian Girls WhatsApp number

If you want to get the WhatsApp numbers of Indian girls then you don't need to worry about it. If you are from Indian then you have to choose this category because it is good for you and both you and that girl can easily understand each other. Check the list of Indian girls WhatsApp numbers in the table given below.

Tanuja Samal+919654766051

Pakistani Girls WhatsApp numbers

If you are from Pakistan and then you must talk with these girls. These all girls are from Pakistan. Some of them are from Lahore, some are from Islamabad, some are from Karachi, some are from Peshawar and others are from other cities of Pakistan. Check the table given below to get the Pakistani girls WhatsApp numbers.

Lahore Girls WhatsApp numbers

Anum Bari0335-2168596
Saliha Safdar03008351793
Ammara Khan0307-2128706
Iqra Noor0343-4206991
Arisha Zafar0345-2001117
Shazia Mirza0331-2151456
Iqra Sharjeel0312-3467341
Tania Shafi0331-2614640
Samia Haleem0333-2654786
Mehvish Hayat0332-3603597
Hira Parvez0334-2154600
Shahina Patodi0321-2453000
Muskaan Haseeb0321-3433796
Ruhi Qasim0322-2566034
Zoha Khan0334-3276711
Noor Malik0321-2013577
Emaan Chaudhry0346-2470356
Sarah Malik0302-2164788

Islamabad Girls WhatsApp Number

Samina Khan0301-4852377
Alishba Naz0302-5240112
Aiza Aziz0300-3510382
Areeb Fatima03063822384
Saliha Batool0334-3048647
Hafsa Suleman0301-5110164
Saira Khadim0300-5273151
Amna Ameer0333-5190877
Madiha Akhtar0342-3284529
Nahid Zohra0335-9727209
Faiza Naeem0301-4760718
Sana Bhatti0334-6181995
Aniqa Fatima0306-5883445
Tabinda Sikander0306-3822384
Timmy Timmy0303-4123099
Huma Naz0300-9768798

UK girls WhatsApp number

There are multiple girls from the UK that really want to make friends from all over the world. They share their number so that people see and contact them. If you are one of them that want to make girlfriend from the UK then you can check girls WhatsApp group link page and can find UK girls from them.


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