Is Dramanice an Illegal App?

Posted: 04-02-2021

Is Dramanice an Illegal App?

Dramas are the most common addiction nowadays the youth has had. And the most loved and watched dramas are Korean ones. Korean dramas are being watched all over the world as they are a lot of fun. To watch any type of dramas, people want to have a safe and high quality app or website. Dramanice is such an interesting app for you.

What is dramanice?

This is the website that provides you a large variety of dramas. Dramanice was created in 2014 by team Just Lee. This website does not bind you to watch only one kind of dramas as it has various types of. Dramanice offers dramas or movies which may be action, thrill, horror, romance, family and social life based. The dramas included are Korean, Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Basically dramanice is an Asian dramas website.

This app is mostly used in Malaysia and then in USA. Not everyone is able to understand many languages i.e. Korean or Chinese, so people prefer to go to those websites which offer this feature. Dramanice provides you dramas with English subtitles so that every viewer can watch easily. You can watch all the Asian dramas and movies on this popular website.

Is dramanice literally an illegal app?

Dramanice is an Asian drama website but it is also seen that it vastly provides other dramas like Koreans etc. All that non Asian content is being used by Dramanice. The leaked dramas and movies of Korea are excessively used by Dramanice. This leaked content makes Dramanice an illegal site. Due to this Dramanice can’t be called valid.

The main site of Dramanice was once closed because of facing some copyright issues from the television stations. But later it was progressed to the new and different domains of and from The copyright complaints and use of leaked contents by Dramanice made it illegal.

Design of the website

The website is delivering thousands of movies and dramas to its millions of audience. Dramanice has many versions; you can choose any according to your desire. You can also watch trailers of movies or dramas. It has the options of share menu and add favorites. The fine-looking UI (User interface) design and the choice of swipe down refresh menu are also available for users’. Dramanice is designated in a way that people don’t face any difficulty to use the app. For downloading anything from the application, movie or drama, you need to register yourself and for this purpose, you can press the profile button.

Characteristic Features of Dramanice

Dramanice is one of the most popular websites on which you can watch a variety of Asian content and others as well. Dramanice is quick in ways;

  • The movies or dramas Dramanice provides to its viewers are in a very good quality. The HD quality of this website catches a large number of people on it.
  • Dramanice translates the unknown language to English, so that viewers may feel easy in watching. You can watch your favorite dramas with English subtitles and free of cost too.
  • Everyone gets irritate by various ads while watching movie or drama but the website of Dramanice does not contain any kind of annoying and bothersome ads. This is another enhancing quality of Dramanice as no one is ready to gets engaged himself in irritating ads.
  • Dramanice has the option of downloading movies or dramas. Its common that people prefer those websites which has the option of downloads for them. By using Dramanice you can download your favorite movies and dramas.
  • The website is free to access. You don’t need to pay for using this website. Also this is safe for your phone and computer.
  • Dramas and movies are in fast streaming mode on Dramanice. This is obvious that low speed of the videos is not acceptable and Dramanice considered it.

List of dramas provided by Dramanice

Dramas you can watch on Dramanice are in a lot of number, some are here;

  1. To my star (2021) – Korean
  2. Mr. sunshine – Korean
  3. Welcome high school students – Chinese
  4. Okami no heya – Japanese
  5. Little things – Indian
  6. Who killed the good man – Taiwanese
  7. Here comes fortune star – Taiwanese
  8. Ochoyan – Japanese
  9. Hush (2020) – Korean
  10. The blessed girl (2021) – Chinese

There are so many others present on website of Dramanice you can check if you want to watch.

Dramas are not only a source of entertainment but also represent the culture. The one who is keen to watch dramas and in high quality as well, should use this app. This android application not only provides you with dramas but also give information and news relating to dramas. If you want to enjoy a variety of dramas, Dramanice is a good suggestion for you.  


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