How to Share Zong balance? Zong Balance Share Code

Posted: 17-11-2021

How to Share Zong balance? Zong Balance Share Code

Zong, with its efficient and convenient working, has been a torch bearer of the digital transformation which has worked towards making sure that the technological gaps between the connectivity for people were reduced. All of this has made Zong one of the most leading cellular networks of Pakistan.

Zong is ranked among the top telecom operators with in the country and it is the country’s first and largest 4G internet provider, providing network coverage in over a hundred cities with their 4G services. When all other cellular networks were working towards giving their users a stable 3G network, Zong had moved on to doing the same with 4G network in the country. It is not just that. It has been observed that Zong is the best telecom operator since its internet services are reliable, accessible in most of the areas of the country, and works at an incredible speed too.

Zong gives its users the chance to share their Zong balance from mobiles, from one Zong number to another Zong number without causing its users any kind of inconvenience. This feature provided by Zong to its users is referred to as the Zong Yaari Load.

The ideology behind the name of this service and its title is to make sure people are able to stay connected with their loved ones and friends. Now, if your loved one or your friends have run out of balance, all you need to do in that case is to share your own balance with them through the Zong Yaari Load.

What is Yaari Load?

The Zong Yaari Load is a service which allows Zong users to share balance with others. It has made the lives of the Zong users much easier since not everyone has the service of online banking activated and when it comes to your parents, sister, brother, friend or beloved is in need of mobile credit, you just have to make sure that you have balance yourself and then you can just transfer it to someone else.

This balance transfer service is a two way traffic which allows its users to:

  1. Transfer Balance: the balance transfer service allows you to share balance from your SIM to another SIM, from the balance that you had yourself.
  2. Request Balance: when a person is low on balance, he or she can request anyone to send them the required balance and the other person would forward them the balance from their SIM.

How to share Zong balance?

Here, in this blog, you will be instructed on how to transfer Zong SIM balance to other and also how you can request balance from someone if you are in need of it. So in order to share balance with someone, the first thing that you need to do is make sure to have some balance yourself. If you want to check your Zong balance, keep reading on.

How to check Zong balance with code?

Checking balance from a Zong sim is extremely easy and does not require to be an expert in the technological domain. All you would have to do is open the dial pad and dial any one of the following codes.

•    *222#

•    *310#

Provided that you have the required balance in your phone, you would be given an instant message displaying the balance you have in your Zong sim. If you do not have sufficient balance in your phone, you would get a message informing you of that as well. So, technically you would know your balance by default, which is merely an added bonus.

Sharing balance through SIM

You would be required to dial *828# and you would be asked to put in the number you want to share your balance to and then add the specified amount. If you have the amount you have selected to share to someone else, it would be transferred. Zong will charge you 5 rupees as service charges on each transfer in addition to the tax that you would be required to pay.

Sharing balance through the Zong App

Smartphone users can use the Zong application available to be downloaded from the app store or download the APK version of the app from the website and install it as a third-party app. After the app is installed on your device and running, you would have to enter your Zong number to sign up for the first time. You will be sent an OTP number via an SMS, which you are not supposed to share with anyone. You will then be required to enter in the given area. With that, your registration process will be complete. After that only signing in would be required.

Once you are signed in, your balance, your name, and the number also would be readily available on the home screen of the application. In addition to this, using the Zong app you would be able to transfer balance through your Zong application.

There is a Yaari Load option right on the home screen of the application. Click on that option and enter the number to which you have to share the balance. Then you would be required to enter the amount which you want to share. This amount needs to be more than 10 rupees and less than 200. You would be charges 5 rupees and tax would be separately deducted from your balance. After this you would get another OTP number via SMS and you would have to add that in the allotted space.