Duplicate Content and SEO: The Complete Guide

Posted: 16-01-2022

Duplicate Content and SEO: The Complete Guide

If you are interested in knowing the details about duplicate content and search engine optimization then you have landed in the right place.

In this article guide, we are going to tell you all about duplicate or plagiarized content and its relation to the SEO score of your website.

You would also find informants about some of the best utilities that can help you in checking, screening and finally removing duplicate content from your website.

What is Duplicate content?

Duplicate content as you can understand from the name is the content that is copied from another online source. Duplicate content can also be referred to as a similar or exact copy of content that has been indexed on another webpage. Here you should know that duplicate content is killer for the ranking position of a website. Having a huge amount of duplicate content capital on your site can have a negative impact on the seo score as well as the credibility of the website.

How is the SEO score of a website affected because of Plagiarism?

Google or any other search engine for that matter would always tend to index content that has uniqueness in it. If your content doesn’t have a uniqueness in it and is derived from another source then it is going to affect the credibility of the website. If you don’t understand the reason why seo score of a website is affected then you should read the passage below:

Suppose your website is “A” and another one is “B”. If both A and B websites are having similar content then it is simply going to confuse the search engine. You must know that Google ranks a website over the other on the basis of unique content and if both platforms are having the same textual or even graphic content on them then they certainly would not be ranked in the same place rather both of them would be deranked to the lower pages.

Not only the search engines hate duplicate content but you should also know that the users/traffic on the web is also always looking for plagiarism free contents.

How to check Plagiarism with complete accuracy?

You must know that checking plagiarism is very important if you want to maintain or enhance the seo score of your website. One of the best ways to get to the top SERPs is by simply adding unique content to your site. Checking plagiarism with the online plagiarism checker tools would help you authenticate the originality of your content. Not only this but you are also going to help yourself in finding out whether someone is stealing from your website and using your content without your permission. You must know that even though your website is the affected party in the case of duplication content you would still be treated the same as the culprit party.

There are many online plagiarism checker tools that can help you save yourself from this problem and one of the best options is listed below:

  • Plagiarism checker by SmallSEOTools

The free plagiarism checker by SmallSeoTools is one of the best screening tools found on the web. This plagiarism checker is one out of hundreds of free tools listed on this website. With the help of this plagiarism checker, one can easily find duplicate content in less than seconds.

If you want to check newly prepared content for plagiarism then you should simply add the text into the designated box of the tool. If you want to check whether someone is stealing from your website then all you need to do is enter the URL of the website into the designated path bar.

This plagiarism checker can easily detect not only deliberate but also accidental types of plagiarism. This free plagiarism checker tool is very easy to use and even a layperson can learn how to use it. Below we have listed some of the features of this plagiarism tool:

  1. The plagiarism checker is absolutely free.
  2. There are no limitations to the use of this tool.
  3. You can cater the checking of all sorts of text.
  4. The tool has universal compatibility and can work on all sorts of devices.

Removing Duplicate content from your website

Now if you want to remove duplicate content from your website then you can simply rely on online paraphrasing tools. The online paraphrasing tools can easily help you in rewriting duplicate content and spinning it into unique versions in a blink of an eye. Below we have listed out the details of the best paraphrasing tools listed on the internet:

  • Article rewriter by RewriteGuru

The article rewriter by RewriteGuru.com is one of the leading rephrase tools on the web. This paraphrasing tool is free and easy to use and everyone can learn how to utilize it. The paraphrasing tool offers three different spin modes to rewrite article using which one can easily spin plagiarized content into unique outputs. The three spinning modes include smart spin, ultra spin and manual spin. You can choose the mode which suits your requirements and start rewriting content.

Plagiarism removal and article rewriting has now become very easy because of paraphrasing tools like rewrite guru!