9 Types Of Government With Detail

Posted: 28-10-2020

9 Types Of Government With Detail

Types of Government

  1. Democracy
  2. Anarchy
  3. Dictatorship
  4. Ethnocracy
  5. Republic
  6. Monarchy
  7. Theocracy
  8. Oligrachy
  9. Technocracy

1. Democracy

Democracy is the type of government where power lies in the hands of people.

2. Anarchy

Anarchy is the type of government, where there is no central governing authority, but everyone is at full liberty.

3. Dictatorship

Dictatorship is that type of government, where the ruler is an absolute dictator, not restricted by any law, constitution or opposition.

4. Ethnocracy

Ethnocracy is the type of government, where the right to rule belong to ethnic group.

5. Republic

Republic is the type of government, which requires representation by election and the head of the state shall not be monarch. There could be monarch in democracy but not in the republic.

6. Monarchy

Monarchy is the type of government, where all the powers are vested in one individual either absolutely or nominally. 

7. Theocracy

Theocracy is that type of government where God is regarded as supreme leader and law-giver. As there is no physical presence of God so the people acts and representatives in the system.

8. Oligarchy

Oligarchy is that type of government in which power rest in specific segment of society.

9. Technocracy

Technocracy is that type of government where experts are in position of decision making in their respective fields. 


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