Summary of How to Win Friends And Influence People

Posted: 01-12-2021

Summary of How to Win Friends And Influence People

Have you ever felt like making friends? The people you sit down with, the people you work with, don't value you as much as you should. You feel lonely even when you are sitting with your favorite friends. In 1936 a book was written by 'Dale Carnegie', "How to Win Friends And Influence People", in which we can become capable and effective people by putting into practice simple techniques and small things. Millions of people have benefited from this book because there are so many small and innumerable secrets hidden in this book which you will read in this blog today. Now, lets discuss the summar of how to win friends and influence people.

1. Don’t criticize people

Bob Hoover was a consulting pilot. He was once on a test flight when both engines of his plane broke down. There were three other people besides Bob Hoover. Bob Hoover skillfully landed the ship. They saved themselves and the rest of the people but their ship was almost wrecked. When Bob Hoover returned to the airport, he saw the mechanic who had caused it all. The mechanic was quite scared and even nervous. He knew it was all his fault and now he might have to give up his job and Bob would treat him badly. But that did not happen. Bob came and slapped him and said I have learned a lot today. I hope you have learned a lot too. And the next day the same young man gave up his ship to get it right again. When Bob was asked this, he replied in a bad way that people do not learn anything from criticism, they learn from love and remember everything. If you start criticizing people, there will come a time when no one will listen to you. People remember loving phrases but forget criticism. A psychologist has come up with a very beautiful theory. If you do a good deed instead of criticizing, people will take it well and start following it. It has always been the way of successful people that they never harm people. They say that when you say goodbye to someone in your absence, people will say goodbye to you in your absence.

If so, the writer of 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' has said that if you accept people's strengths and weaknesses without seeing them, then people will also accept you without seeing your strengths and weaknesses. You value people, people will value you. Man works so hard that people know him and value him. Comment on people like you look great, your perfume is great and so on. You will find that people are approaching you. They will start to value you too. They will also start saying good things about you. The important thing is to compliment everyone and don't be stingy when complimenting. This is a habit that you will be amazed at the results and then you will win your friends immediately.

2. Smiling

Says the smile goes too far. When someone sees us, our first impression goes to them. Smile if you want this first impression to be good. This smile is such a good thing that it makes others smile too. Your one smile removes the anxiety of others and will come closer to you. When you start meeting people with a smile, you will see that people will also start smiling when they see you. Therefore, if you meet someone in the office, at home or anywhere, it is appropriate to start your meeting with a smile.

3. Call people with their name

Call people by their names. The most beautiful thing in human life is its name. When his name is called, he is attracted to it and hears it from there. You feel great when a stranger calls your name. So try to call people by their names. In the name of why people understand their importance. You may have noticed often that if you meet someone sincerely and don't even remember your name, it becomes very strange to you. So listen to people's names carefully and remember them.

4. Listen people carefully

If you want to be loved and loved by people, listen carefully to what people have to say. Know the joys of the people, understand the sorrows of the people. This will make everyone talk to you more openly. He will understand your sympathy and tell you everything in his heart. And very soon you will become the secret of many people.

5. Talk to people about what they want to hear

Like us, everyone's likes and dislikes vary. We want to talk to people about what we like. If you like something, you can talk about it for hours. Understand exactly what people like and talk to them about it. After a short conversation, the person will become accustomed to talking to you for hours. They will be waiting for you to talk about your favorite thing. That way you will have a wonderful connection with this person.

6. Avoid arguing

By the way, debate is a very good thing and people generally like it. But the debating tab becomes dangerous when you try to win the debate or he tries to win from you. So if you want to argue, do it, but also acknowledge the key points of the person arguing with you. In fact, nonsense can turn you away from people. This is especially true of intelligent people. So avoid arguing as much as you can and if someone is arguing with you, avoid it nicely or by doing so you know more about it. I don't know that much.

7. Never tell anyone wrong

In fact, it is worse then worthless, it consumes time and resources but returns no sales. The person you call wrong actually gets angry instead of correcting the mistake. You will often notice that you do not like to meet people who give you wrong. And gradually move away from them. This is exactly what happens when you call someone wrong and they will walk away from you. So keep people with you, understand people and never call them wrong. If you want to convince someone, make a connection with them first. When your connection with this person is good, then when you explain it to him, he will understand you quickly.