Noakhali Post Codes: Bangladesh

District Thana Post Office Post Code
Noakhali Basurhat Basur Hat 3850
Noakhali Basurhat Charhajari 3851
Noakhali Begumganj Alaiarpur 3831
Noakhali Begumganj Amisha Para 3847
Noakhali Begumganj Banglabazar 3822
Noakhali Begumganj Bazra 3824
Noakhali Begumganj Begumganj 3820
Noakhali Begumganj Bhabani Jibanpur 3837
Noakhali Begumganj Choumohani 3821
Noakhali Begumganj Dauti 3843
Noakhali Begumganj Durgapur 3848
Noakhali Begumganj Gopalpur 3828
Noakhali Begumganj Jamidar Hat 3825
Noakhali Begumganj Joyag 3844
Noakhali Begumganj Joynarayanpur 3829
Noakhali Begumganj Khalafat Bazar 3833
Noakhali Begumganj Khalishpur 3842
Noakhali Begumganj Maheshganj 3838
Noakhali Begumganj Mir Owarishpur 3823
Noakhali Begumganj Nadona 3839
Noakhali Begumganj Nandiapara 3841
Noakhali Begumganj Oachhekpur 3835
Noakhali Begumganj Rajganj 3834
Noakhali Begumganj Sonaimuri 3827
Noakhali Begumganj Tangirpar 3832
Noakhali Begumganj Thanar Hat 3845
Noakhali Chatkhil Bansa Bazar 3879
Noakhali Chatkhil Bodalcourt 3873
Noakhali Chatkhil Chatkhil 3870
Noakhali Chatkhil Dosh Gharia 3878
Noakhali Chatkhil Karihati 3877
Noakhali Chatkhil Khilpara 3872
Noakhali Chatkhil Palla 3871
Noakhali Chatkhil Rezzakpur 3874
Noakhali Chatkhil Sahapur 3881
Noakhali Chatkhil Sampara 3882
Noakhali Chatkhil Shingbahura 3883
Noakhali Chatkhil Solla 3875
Noakhali Hatiya Afazia 3891
Noakhali Hatiya Hatiya 3890
Noakhali Hatiya Tamoraddi 3892
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Chaprashir Hat 3811
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Char Jabbar 3812
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Charam Tua 3809
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Din Monir Hat 3803
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Kabirhat 3807
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Khalifar Hat 3808
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Mriddarhat 3806
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Noakhali College 3801
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Noakhali Sadar 3800
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Pak Kishoreganj 3804
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Sonapur 3802
Noakhali Senbag Beezbag 3862
Noakhali Senbag Chatarpaia 3864
Noakhali Senbag Kallyandi 3861
Noakhali Senbag Kankirhat 3863
Noakhali Senbag Senbag 3860
Noakhali Senbag T.P. Lamua 3865

There is a small line of difference between the zip code and the postal code. However, both are used to direct and filter mails and to determine the time and cost of mail delivery. In addition, these codes are also useful for collecting demographic information. Here we have given you all Noakhali postal code - Noakhali zip code - Noakhali postcode that you can use for mailing in Noakhali.

Postal Code:

Postal code can be defined as a coding system used by many countries around the world to facilitate automatic mail filtering. It is a series of numbers, or combinations of numbers and letters, that help mail departments and courier companies identify the exact location and location, where the email should be delivered or dropped.

The postal code indicates the width of the shipping area, which means that there is a single postal code, for different delivery areas, coming under the same area. For this purpose, there is a local distribution of postal code and therefore connected to a specific local area, however, the composition and functionality vary from one nation to another.

Therefore, postal codes can include country, region, municipality, roads, military, etc.

ZIP Code:

The name Zip Code is an acronym for the Zone Improvement Plan, launched by the United States Postal Services (USPS) in 1963.

The Zip Code is widely used to identify the exact place where parcels, packages and letters should be delivered, by dividing the regions into simple groups of locations, which speeds up the mail delivery process as mail sorting becomes easier. These geographical groups may contain various addresses, businesses, geographic features, etc.

Previously, it was a five-digit number, changed to a 9-digit number, to better identify the location, where the mail should be delivered.

Differences Between Zip Code and Postal Code:

The differences between zip code and postal code are discussed in the following points:

  1. Zip Code means a postal code, which is used in several countries with a postal address to specify a mailing address. On the other hand, the postal code indicates the code used in the postal address, which helps to filter emails for the purpose of delivering them to their destination.
  2. The Zip Code was introduced by the United States Postal Services (USPS) in 1963, and in 1959 the postal code was introduced.
  3. The Zip Code is widely used in the United States and the Philippines. In contrast, the Postal Code is used in some countries.
  4. The Zip code aims to separate regions to facilitate mail filtering, identifying the area where the email is directed. In contrast, the Postal Code is used for the purpose of identifying and identifying a location, planning a route, and collecting personal information.
  5. The zip code contains only numbers, and the postal code contains numbers or combinations of numbers and letters, and sometimes punctuation marks are also encoded with numbers and letters.


Many countries around the world use codes either postal code or zip code or any other similar code, by whatever name it is called, at the postal address. This often makes moving and delivery of mail easier, faster and more efficient, which not only saves the delivery time and efforts and prevents confusion, when two locations are known by the same name, city or town.