PS Full Form

It is the message written at the bottom of a letter or document. This can be generally specifically to point that the author has forgotten it while composing the most body of the message. It's additionally a computer-oriented language for making vector graphics. It's additionally wont to indicate name extensions. You can see the full detail of PS, full forms of PS, and abbreviations of PS in the table given below.

Full Form Category Term
PostScript General PS
Playstation General PS
PCSC ISDN Switch Computer and Networking PS
Product Safety Computer and Networking PS
Palestinian Territory, Occupied Country Names PS
Phone Service Telecommunication PS
Path Separator Networking PS
Print Server Networking PS
Parallel Sessions Networking PS
Processor Sharing Networking PS
Adobe Postscript Document (text/graphics) File Type PS
Photoshop Softwares ps
Personalized Setting Softwares PS
PARAS Indian Railway Station PS
Pulse Shaping Electronics PS
Polar Stereographic Electronics PS
Pulse Shape Electronics PS
Porous Silicon Electronics PS
Priority Sector Banking PS
Preference Shares Banking PS
Post Silly Messaging PS
Painfully Sarcastic Messaging PS
Poor Schumck Messaging PS
Purchase Sale Accounts and Finance PS
Point Source Accounts and Finance PS
Performance Space Space Science PS
Planetary and Solar Space Science PS
Parachute Subsystem Space Science PS
Payload Specialist Space Science PS
Payload Station Space Science PS
Payload Support Space Science PS
Power Supply Space Science PS
Pressure Switch Space Science PS
Prime Select Space Science PS
Per Spring Measurement Unit PS
Pico Seconds Measurement Unit PS
Political Skills Job Title PS
Performance Spectrum Job Title PS
Private Secretary Job Title PS
Police Sergeant Job Title PS
Program Start Computer Assembly Language PS
Program Stream Computer Assembly Language PS
Progressive Scan Computer Hardware PS
Processing System Computer Hardware PS
Pre-set Computer Hardware PS
Physics of Sports Physics Related PS
Presidential Suite Real Estate PS
Parent Shelf Stock Exchange PS
Performance Supplement Sports PS
Penalty Shot Sports PS
Practice Sheet Sports PS
Physical Strength Military and Defence PS
Peer Support Military and Defence PS
Piercing Slashing Military and Defence PS
Packet Switch Military and Defence PS
Post Script Military and Defence PS
Personnel Services Military and Defence PS
Parallel Track Single-unit Military and Defence PS
Processing Subsystem Military and Defence PS
Pole Smoker Military and Defence PS