GPS Full Form

GPS is the Global Positioning System. Anyone that is connected to GPS can see his/her live location through GPS in mobile. You can also get the exact time on your mobile by using GPS. America is managing the GPS system. The fully functional GPS system was invented by Ivan A. Getting, Bradford Parkinson and Roger L. Easton invented. Auto navigational cars are quite popular these days. You can see the full detail of GPS, full forms of GPS, and abbreviations of GPS in the table given below.

Full Form Category Term
Global Positioning System Electronic Device GPS
GOJAPUR SANKDHA Indian Railway Station GPS
Gold Plated Silver Chemistry GPS
Gibraltar Pound Sterling Banking GPS
Great Positioning Stuff Messaging GPS
Gallons Per Second Space Science GPS
General Processing Subsystem Space Science GPS
Ground Power Supply Space Science GPS
Ground Processing Simulation Space Science GPS
Galapagos Is Airport Code GPS
Gunners Primary Sight Military and Defence GPS