DNA Full Form

DNA is the brief name for polymer. This acid is claimed to contain genetic directions needed for the development of living organisms. this can be an identical component liable for inheriting physical characteristics in kids from their folks. Swiss MD Friedrich Miescher first off isolated deoxyribonucleic acid from nuclei of cells in 1869. You can check full detail, full forms of DNA, and, abbreviations of DNA in the table given below.

Full Form Category Term
Deoxyribonucleic Acid Biology DNA
Daily News and Analysis News Organization DNA
Do Not Answer Telecommunication DNA
Daytime, Night-time, Anytime Telecommunication DNA
Distributed Net Applications Networking DNA
Domain Neutral Abstraction Networking DNA
Digital Network Architecture Networking DNA
Digital Network Alert Networking DNA
Dynamic Network Analysis Networking DNA
Domino Network Analysis Softwares DNA
Distributed Network Application Softwares DNA
Digital Nonlinear Accelerator Softwares DNA
DEGANA JN Indian Railway Station DNA
Dioxide Normal Atoms Chemistry DNA
Dark Negative Anode Electronics DNA
Do Not Adjust Electronics DNA
Doing Nothing At All Messaging DNA
Do Not Ask Messaging DNA
Department(al) Network Administrator Accounts and Finance DNA
Does Not Apply Space Science DNA
Departmental Network Administrator Job Title DNA
Did Not Answer Radio Science DNA
Okinawa Airport Code DNA
Data Not Available Database Management DNA
Differential Numerical Algorithm Maths DNA
Desire and Needs Assessment Military and Defence DNA
Did Not Attend Military and Defence DNA
Defense Nuclear Agency Military and Defence DNA