Trace mobile number in Pakistan with name, Address, and Current Location

Posted: 20-11-2021

Trace mobile number in Pakistan with name, Address, and Current Location

Every person has a mobile phone these days. The smartphone has 2 slots for sims that’s why the sim numbers sail increasing day by day. People use many phone numbers and sims. Often people want to know about phone number tracing. Unknown calls and messages annoy people a lot that’s why people want to trace numbers. Tracking numbers is the need of every person now a day’s. There are many ways to trace phone numbers and owner names so if you want to know about phone number tracing we will tell you different methods to trace numbers. Methods of tracking numbers are very easy to trace. Different applications are released to trace numbers and names. There are different ways to trace phone numbers and the name of the owner.  Some people tease you by changing their numbers and some people give threats to other people by using Mobile phones. Some boys tease girls with different numbers and bother them for giving them money. Some fake people's gives fake offers to people's that they win a prizes or Gold and money etc. They get money from People and after that they blocked them. So, there is a lot of fake things happening with mobile phones by using different sim numbers. People want to know about the details of the person that brother him/her. There are lots of different methods and easy methods to trace mobile numbers and names in Pakistan. These methods tell all details of another person's mobile number with the city name and a person name that is mentioned on his/ her id card. By using these methods, you can trace unknown mobile numbers and names in Pakistan. Sometimes people from different mobile numbers tease you and you don't know the number details and the person's name. In this article, we will guide you on how you can check and trace unknown mobile numbers with your PC, laptop, or mobile phone.                                    

Ownership Details: 

To get the ownership details of any phone number you have to install an application named “Pak Sim Data”. You can find this application from the play store. Download this application here and install it on your mobile phone. After installing this on the homepage an empty field is shown to you. Put the sim number in this field and enter it. Now you can see the sim owner's name, address, and CNIC number. This is the easy way to get details of ownership.

Live Tracker app:       

Everyone knows the sim tracker application is very useful. It has become a need of every person now a day’s. If you want to trace any phone number, you can use Mobile Tracker Application. Live tracker application is a free application. You can efficiently use this application. You can download this application in apk and play store. After downloading this application you have to install this into your mobile phone. Now you can use this application. The use of this application is very easy. Open this application on your phone and run. On the homepage, an empty field is shown to you, put the number which you want to locate and submit. You can see the live location of your respective mobile phone number on the screen of your mobile phone. There are many applications in the play store but often are fakes. The only live tracker application is genuine. So use this application to get details.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Find details from the police station:    

The police station is the most authentic way to get details of every number and name. You can find all details of any phone number and name from the police station. Every person is busy now a day’s, therefore people do not go to the police station for mobile number complaint. People should go to the police station for such cases. The method to submit a complaint and trace phone numbers is very easy in the police station. You can easily submit your application to the front desk for number tracking and other details. After submitting your complaint to the police HRMIS you can get your receipt of this complaint. After this police trace your mobile phone and other details. If your phone has been stolen, police arrest the thief also.

Another Method to Trace mobile number and name in Pakistan:

We will tell you another method to find details of unknown mobile numbers in Pakistan with names.

  1. Open the play store app on your mobile phone.
  2. First of All, type turbo VPN in the search bar and press the search button.
  3. Turbo VPN app will show on your mobile screen with the option of download or install.
  4. Click on the install option and after some loading, it will install on your mobile phone. And it will show on your mobile phone screen with other apps.
  5. Open turbo VPN after downloading and then press on the carrot.
  6. Ad will show after clicking on a carrot. Cross this Ad. Then again click on the carrot it will start connecting. It is very easy to use this VPN. The main purpose of using VPN is that the website we are going to use is a very strong website and the government black this website so we have to use VPN to get mobile number detail in Pakistan.
  7. Open the play store app again and then type E-Services Pak in the search website. A lot of applications will show on the screen after searching. Click on the second application and install it. We will tell you the functions of this application. By using this application, you can find data of a person through his/ her mobile number. It will tell you the person's name, person id card number, and all other sims on the name of that person.
  8. After downloading open this app. It will show you lots of options.
  9. It will show you ads click on the cross button. Then it will show you lots of options. It is a multi-purpose website. Click on the second option showing at the top.
  10. It will show you lots of links. You can check mobile number details by clicking one of them.We hope this article will help you a lot to trace unknown mobile numbers in Pakistan.