How to Stop Hair Loss? Tips to Stop Hair Loss

Posted: 16-01-2021

How to Stop Hair Loss? Tips to Stop Hair Loss

Everybody is facing the problem of hair loss nowadays. This is a natural process. A man almost loses a hundred hairs in the deck. But if their falling speed increases, there is a risk of baldness. There can be many causes of hair loss such as anemia, dry scalp, use of shampoos containing strong chemicals, etc. Here are some common causes of hair loss and solutions that you can use to stop hair loss and make your hair healthier.

Causes of hair fall

Family background

One of the most common problems with hair loss is the family background. If someone in your family has a hair loss problem, there is a 90% chance that they will pass it on to you. This is a common problem. If your grandfather had this problem then he will also pass it on to your father and then after a while you may also suffer from this problem.

Medical problem

Another common cause of hair loss is a head infection. When there is an infection in a person's head, the scalp becomes weak and his hair begins to thin. And when the hair becomes thin, your hair will surely fall out. Then whenever you take a bath, clean your hair after bathing, comb it or touch your hair, your hair falls out.


The use of various supplements also causes a lot of damage to the hair. When you use drugs in large quantities, your hair starts to become weak and thin, and when the hair becomes thin, no one can stop it from breaking. Another thing is that the use of protein does not cause your hair to fall out but your hair falls out when you get sick and use various drugs.


The worst cause of hair loss these days is depression. Depression is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. Depression directly targets your scalp and causes headaches and the scalp begins to weaken. And when the scalp weakens, your hair begins to break. And Han another thing is the difference between hair breakage and loss. In most cases, depression causes hair to fall out and not break out, and hair that breaks out grows again, while hair that falls out has a lower chance of coming back.

Using of local gels

If you use local gels, stop using local gels today. Why local gels contain a variety of chemicals that can damage your hair badly. When you use local gels on your hair, they go to the roots of the hair and damage your hair. And if you want to do it with gels, it is better to use a good company gels that do less damage to your hair. Why when you use local gels, the chemicals used in it will thin your hair and your hair will start falling out.

Tips to stop hair fall (Treatment for hair loss)

Regular wash you hair

To stop hair loss, you should wash your hair daily. Cue cleanses our scalp when we wash our hair which reduces dryness in our hair. And when the dryness is less, it is definitely beneficial for our hair because when our hair is dirty, our scalp will be dirty, which will make our hair thinner and increase the chances of hair loss.

Taking Vitamins

Vitamins are much more useful for hair. Vitamins keep your hair healthy. Vitamins also make your scalp healthier and strengthen your hair. Vitamin E regulates blood circulation and heals our scalp. As you know, hair loss is also due to poor blood circulation. So you better fix your blood circulation to keep your hair healthy. And you can use vitamin E to improve blood circulation. And if you want to keep your hair color healthy, take vitamin B. Vitamin B helps you keep your hair color healthy.

Eat healthy diet

Your eating habits should be better to keep your hair healthy. Eat healthy foods such as apples, meat, bananas and fish. One will keep your body healthy and the other will make up for your lack of vitamins which will keep your hair healthy. As we told you the benefits of vitamins above. So use things that heal your scalp, keep your hair healthy and stop it from falling out.


Hair massage not only keeps your hair healthy but also relieves your fatigue. When you massage, the cells of your scalp become active and your stress is reduced and obviously when the stress is reduced, the hair will not break. Because stress also causes hair loss. That's why it's important to massage for 15 to 20 minutes a day to keep your hair healthy and prevent it from falling out. And you don't need any special type of oil for massage. You can massage with the same oil that you use daily.

Brushing wet hair

When you wash your hair, use a towel carefully after washing, because when you wash your hair, your hair becomes weak at this time. And then when you rub the towel on them vigorously, your hair grows back. Therefore, whenever you take a bath, it is better to use a towel carefully after taking a bath. Or dry your hair with something else to prevent your hair from falling out.

Onion juice

You can use another simple recipe for your hair and it has been quite helpful in many cases and that is to stop hair by using onion. If sulfur is found in abundance in onions, it is very important for hair. It not only prevents your hair from falling out but also helps you regrow your hair that has fallen out. You have to take an onion and the onion should be white. Extract the juice of this onion. Then apply these juices on your hair. After doing this, massage about fifteen to twenty on the hair. Follow this for about a week and then you will see the difference in your hair itself.

Know what is bad for hair

In addition to using all the prescriptions, you should also know which things are right for your hair and which are wrong. Adjust your diet. Because when our diet is not good, we will be weak and when we are weak, our hair will surely break. So research all the things that benefit or harm your hair.

Physical activity

Another way to strengthen your hair is to exercise. Exercising will keep your body healthy and your hair will stay strong when your body is healthy. When you exercise, your body stays active and you will avoid three things that can damage your hair. One is that your body is healthy and the other is that you will not be under stress and above all your blood circulation will be fine which is very important for hair. You have often seen that people who exercise have healthy hair. So make it a habit to exercise so that your hair stays healthy.

Leave Smoking

If you smoke, quit today because smoking can also damage your hair. Smoking is not a cause of hair loss but it can be a cause. When you smoke you take in chemicals and these chemicals can cause your blood circulation to decrease. When blood circulation is low, your hair will become weak and then slowly hair fall will start.

De stress you

As we told you, stress causes hair loss. You try to protect yourself from stress. For this, it is important that you do activities that relieve stress and make you feel happy. You exercise. Exercise will help you a lot in relieving stress. And if your hair is falling out due to stress, it will decrease and then stop slowly.

Avoid using hair dryer

Avoid using a hair dryer as it also damages our hair and if you want to use it, it is better to use a hair protector.

Take care of your health

Take care of your health and use a diet that does not harm your health because nowadays health is a problem for everyone. So take care of your health and eat a better diet. Because if you are sick you will be weak and if you are weak your hair will be weak and start falling out.