How to Check Jazz Balance? Methods to Check Jazz Balance

Posted: 10-11-2021

How to Check Jazz Balance? Methods to Check Jazz Balance

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How to check Jazz balance:

Many people face difficulty in checking jazz balance they forget the respective code. In this article, we are going to help you how to check jazz balance.

There are three main methods of checking a jazz balance. We will discuss all methods in detail.

Method 1):

First of all, open, the dial paid on your mobile. And then dial the number *111#. When you dial the USSD code *111# a message will pop up on your screen and then you will see your remaining balance on your mobile screen. If you are the prepaid customer of Mobilink jazz, you can also call on 111 helplines for any questions or queries. They Will also tell you your remaining balance. If you need more detailed information about your balance you can also dial *444*6*2# on your dial paid. It will also show your balance and all details about your balance.

Method 2):

This method is only for a prepaid customer of jazz. This is the method of jazz WhatsApp through which you can easily find all details. You can check your balance your internet bundles detail your SMS and call packages details.

  1. Firstly, open your WhatsApp on your mobile phone.
  2. When you open your WhatsApp add this contact number (03003008000).
  3. When you add (03003008000) this contact number, type a message of "Hi" and send it to this number.
  4. Then type 4 and send. All balance details will pop up on your screen.

Method 3):

This method is only for smartphones users.

  1. Firstly go to the play store app and then write the jazz world app on your play store jazz app and then install the jazz work app.
  2. After downloading when you log in to this app add your jazz sim number here.
  3. Once you log in to the jazz world app your remaining balance will pop up on the screen of your mobile device.

Above three methods will help you and guide you to check your Mobilink jazz sim balance. Because balance checking is the demand of every customer. It is necessary to give the balance inquiry facility to all users and it is necessary to give them all information regarding balance checking. In these ways, we can check our jazz mobile balance and other quires. If you feel any difficulty in balance checking of jazz apply one of method and check your balance and avail other facilities.

Terms and Condition:

There are some terms and conditions provided by Mobilink jazz. If you are a customer of jazz, you must know these terms and conditions of Mobilink Jazz.

  1. When you check your balance you must be a prepaid customer of jazz.
  2. You have to charge PKR 0.12 will be charged from your balance.
  3. Already a prepaid customer of jazz can check balance through *111#.
  4. Jazz can change codes at any time. However, this code is the latest.
  5. When you check the balance every time tax will be cut from your balance.
  6. If you have any questions or queries you can call on 111 jazz helpline. They will guide you and tell you all details related to your balance, your free bundles, SMS, and calls. You can also read the Terms and conditions of Mobilink jazz from the company website.