Digital Gifts for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

Posted: 1 week ago

Digital Gifts for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

Gifting your girlfriend on her birthday can be romantic. But at the same time, if you are not available in person, it is necessary to make up for your absence with extraordinary gifts that might attract them immediately. Among such gift options, digital gifts play an essential role. This article will tell you about digitally gifting your girlfriend and some of the best gifts.

Let us now look at the digital gift ideas available in detail.

What Should I Give My Girl on Her Birthday Online?

When you are not available in person and need to send a gift for your girlfriend, then online gifts are the best option. Ranging from simple coupons to multiple other gift options, you have everything online that you can purchase. Even though online shopping websites offer many options, it is better to go for other gifts that mean a lot to them. 

6 Best Digital Gifts to Give on Your Girlfriend’s Birthday 

Let us now look at the six best digital gets you can gift your girlfriend on their special occasion.

1. Streaming Service Subscriptions 

If your girlfriend is a person who wishes to spend most of their time watching television shows and reality programs, then the streaming service subscription is the best gift you can provide. 

With a subscription that ranges from 6 months to a year, you can offer them a free pass to spend their free time watching their favorite shows online. 

There are many online streaming services available, and select the ones with programs your girlfriend likes to watch. This gift will allow them to think about you even when you are not available with them.

2. Online coupons 

Online shopping can be a disaster for most men. So instead of shopping for a gift, you can give your girlfriends online coupons to their favorite shopping websites. 

It can be a perfume Store or a common e-Commerce portal that sells a wide range of products. You can also offer coupons for audio streaming services and iTunes to download their favorite songs. 

These online coupon options are available on most websites nowadays, and you can send them to their email without meeting them in person. 

So that you know, there are online coupons available for some famous jewelry showrooms within the country.

3. A VPN subscription

If your girlfriend is a SEO-specialist who spends most of her time on a computer online, then you should give her a VPN subscription.

We recommend installing VeePN, a top VPN provider in the market. If she doesn't want to install an extra app, you can suggest installing the VeePN extension on her Chrome browser. A VPN secures the connection between the device and the internet by protecting your girlfriend's identity, search history, and cookies. 

It protects their devices from the internet service providers and improves their internet experience. 

A VPN subscription would be beneficial to her, and it will show how much you care for her.

4. e-Cards 

If your girlfriend is old school at heart, then the e-card is one of the best online gift ideas. 

E-cards are similar to real greeting cards, except they are available in a virtual space rather than physically. 

This virtual card can carry the message you want to send your girlfriend on their special day of the year. 

Some card services also offer extra delivery options like bouquets and cakes that reach them on time. 

You can choose your own words, flowers, and flavors for your girlfriend through these portals. This gift is both sensible and intimate at the same time.

5. E-books

If your girlfriend is a person who prefers reading a lot of books, then you can send them a subscription to a good e-book store that allows them to purchase a lot of e-books. 

You can also buy the e-book they like and share it with them. This subscription is an intense gift that shows how much you care about their likes. 

These small things make your girlfriend love you more since it shows that you pay attention to their wishes. 

6. Virtual Gym and Online Skill Learning Classes 

If your girlfriend is concerned about her weight or wants to learn new skills without leaving the comfort of her home, then this gift idea is for her.

Give her the membership of any virtual gym or online skill learning course.

For example, you can subscribe to online websites like Skillshare and enroll them in the favorite courses they had been thinking of joining for a long time. 

Similarly, the digital medium has many options like meditation classes and gourmet cooking.  


The world is now digital, and you have multiple creative digital gifts to explore before giving your girlfriend the best option. 

Right from the online coupons to eBooks, you can give them anything without waiting to meet her.