Wonderful island tours of Europe

Posted: 21-12-2020

Wonderful island tours of Europe


For a destination without many people on the Italian island, travel to Ischia. Ischia is a great place for beach lovers, as well as for those who like to hike with its sandy beaches, spectacular sceneries, famous fumaroles, and warm thermal springs. In Ischia, you can also enjoy a fine variety of local wines in a series of vineyards. This is also a good place to shop, to buy custom sandals, handmade and hand-painted pieces.


The white island is the nearest island to mainland Spain on every island, Ibiza, and since the 1970s has been a hub for party lovers. The islands club scene is renowned. The island has some of the best sun-covered, pine-clad beaches where you can relax and enjoy a stress-free holiday. Besides this, it is also ideal for a family holiday because the island has now transformed into a spiritual holiday place for yoga and meditation. This is a good destination in Spain. Ibiza also helps you to delve into the rich history and heritage of the island by visiting Dalt Vila.


Mallorca or Mallorca is a must-visit location for a good reason when it comes to the Spanish Islands. There are untouched beaches, amazing and remote coves, temples, monasteries, traditional and lovely communities. You should not skip Palma when you intend on visiting Mallorca, an old medieval town with a vibrant cultural calendar with lively nightlife and fine dining. Also, do not forget to visit the luxurious Puerto Portals for the best seafront vacation experience.


Tenerife has a lot more to offer than the sunshine and beaches, one of the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands. Along with being an excellent location for nature enthusiasts, the place is also perfect for walkers. Mountains, but there are other mountains, forest, and rough rocks, which offer a wonderful chance for adventure-lovers to walk, climb and experience. The spectacular landscape of Tenerife is dominated by Mount Teide volcano. Tenerife also has five restaurants and a range of vineyards producing wine from the planet, which are the Michelin star restaurants, and one should not leave the island without trying.


Formentera once a peaceful, calm island was listed as a must-visit European island today. This place in Spain is a getaway you cant afford to miss with beaches of white sand, crystal clear seas, and the yacht scene. You will enjoy the nightlife of Neropaco, in addition to hanging out on the beaches, sailing, and testing water sport activities. Formentera is only accessible by boat, so make sure that you use the ferry service from Ibiza daily if you intend to come to Formentera.


Perhaps not the most established places of Portugal, but here you will be surprised by the beautiful beauty and warm hospitality of the people. The Castelo de Sao Joao Batista, once Portuguese battled the Spanish in Lilac Island, also is called Lilac Island. Terceira helps the visitors to indulge in many things with its beaches, nature trails, gardens, and bodegas. Oh, the green wine is a not-to-miss here. The freshness of this local specialty of Terceira will delight you.

Faial Island

Faial Island, also known as the Blue Island, sits in the center of the chain of islands in the Azores. The island is surrounded by three major tourist attractions including the magical craters of the volcano, the sandy, and white beaches and the town of Horta. All three are must-visit attractions that allow you to get lost in Faial Islands beauty. The island also offers visitors a great deal of action, enjoying local food, visiting Caldeira do Faial and seeing boats sailing from far away. Who wants such a view to being missed? Im not going to at least. Dont forget Faial Island if youre looking forward to this during your vacation in Europe.

Sao Miguel Island

Sao Miguel is the largest island in all the Azores group, home to the Archipelagos only major airport and cruise ship terminal. The island is locally called the green island, and its spectacular views of the surroundings can be easily discerned. Sao Miguel is known for its volcanic caldera, a wealth of mineral thermal springs and the place to relax after a long and tiring day. In addition, visitors will be able to enjoy whale and dolphin watching at either of Sao Miguel Islands beaches.


Madeira Island, which is yet another famous Portuguese Island, has beautiful beaches as well as lush, dense green forests which you can explore for hours and hours without being tired. The forests contain large indigenous trees that protect many indigenous birds as well as migration birds. Madeira Island offers other wonderful and exciting activities, such as horse riding, kayaking, paragliding, fishing and more, besides being a delight for nature loving people. Furthermore, Madeira is the best location for road trips on paved roads with excellent views of the island.