5 important reason that trust is better than love

Posted: 03-06-2020

5 important reason that trust is better than love
  1. Trust is the building block of all relationships.Once we truly trust a person, once we find the comfort to open ourselves to them, and to share all the deepest, darkest thoughts in our minds, that is the moment when a relationship truly becomes unbreakable.

  2. You can have trust without love, but you cannot have love without trust. Trust is important in all aspects of your life, love is something between two people. In terms of being “together” in a relationship it is better to trust and not love, than love and not trust, though I think it is better to have both. Yes, trust is more important than love, and yet this importance does not diminish the value of love.

  3.  You can only love a person truly if you trust them. Love is always built on trust and not the other way around. Being rational human beings, we tend to love the people we already trust. And if we enter a relationship without building its base around trust, it is bound to fail as soon as the hard times come.


  4.  Trust conquers all. We always believe that love conquers all,but it is trust that pushes us to believe that we can and will conquer every obstacle. We can say that love is the overarching concept of overcoming whatever obstacle comes our way, but it is trust that holds everything together. It is the glue to every gap and difference.

  5. Both trust and love are complementary to each other. Trust is something very different than love, and in some ways more important. It’s like comparing breathing and eating. You need both of them to be healthy.Love is important because it keeps you happy, and satisfied with life.You can trust many friends, and still be discontent because you aren’t sharing your life with someone. Not in the way lovers do. Trust is important because it keeps people
    together, when you trust someone, you can tell them anything and believe anything they say. And you can experience things together.

Both are different and important.