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Baidil(بیدل) Name Meaning in Urdu, Lucky Numbers, Lucky Days

نام بیدل
انگریزی نام Baidil
معنی محبوب
تفصیل محبوب
جنس لڑکی
زبان فارسی
مذہب مسلم
لکی نمبر 1
موافق دن منگل, جمعرات
موافق رنگ سرخ, بنفشی
موافق پتھر روبی
موافق دھاتیں تانبا, لوہا

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Personality of Baidil

Few words can't explain the personality of a person. Baidil is a name that signifies a person who is good inside out. Baidil is a liberal and eccentric person. More over Baidil is a curious personality about the things rooming around. Baidil is an independent personality; she doesn’t have confidence on the people yet she completely knows about them. Baidil takes times to get frank with the people because she is abashed. The people around Baidil usually thinks that she is wise and innocent. Dressing, that is the thing, that makes Baidil personality more adorable.

Way of Thinking of Baidil

  1. Baidil probably thinks that when were children our parents strictly teach us about some golden rules of life.
  2. One of these rules is to think before you speak because words will not come back.
  3. Baidil thinks that We can forget the external injuries but we can’t forget the harsh wording of someone.
  4. Baidil thinks that Words are quite enough to make someone happy and can hurt too.
  5. Baidil don’t think like other persons. She thinks present is a perfect time to do anything.
  6. Baidil is no more an emotional fool personality. Baidil is a person of words. Baidil always fulfills her/his wordings. Baidil always concentrates on the decisions taken by mind not by heart. Because usually people listen their heart not their mind and take emotionally bad decisions.

Don’t Blindly Accept Things

Baidil used to think about herself/himself. She doesn’t believe on the thing that if someone good to her/his she/he must do something good to them. If Baidil don’t wish to do the things, she will not do it. She could step away from everyone just because Baidil stands for the truth.

Keep Your Power

Baidil knows how to make herself/himself best, she always controls her/his emotions. She makes other sad and always make people to just be in their limits. Baidil knows everybody bad behavior could affect herhis life, so Baidil makes people to stay far away from her/his life.

Don’t Act Impulsively

The people around Baidil only knows what Baidil allows them to know. Baidil don’t create panic in difficult situation rather she thinks a lot about the situation and makes decision as the wise person do.

Elegant thoughts of Baidil

Baidil don’t judge people by their looks. Baidil is a spiritual personality and believe what the people really are. Baidil has some rules to stay with some people. Baidil used to understand people but she doesn’t take interest in making fun of their emotions and feelings. Baidil used to stay along and want to spend most of time with her/his family and reading books.