News WhatsApp Group Link List to Join

There has been an ongoing trend where people of all ages join the news WhatsApp group link to get all types of news and information regarding everything significant. Most of these people start by searching the internet for the links to join these groups but in most cases, people fail to get into the groups that they want to. It is a considerable tedious task for the people who want to join news WhatsApp group links which are unique and useful at the same time.

Here we have provided you a list of News WhatsApp Group Link that you can join easily by just clicking on join button.

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Group 5302
Group 5249
Group 12924
Group 5135
Group 5011
Group 13091
Group 4887
Group 4817
Group 4808
Group 4730
Group 12902
Group 4616
Group 4539
Group 4467
Group 4438
Group 4380
Group 4324
Group 4298
Group 12885
Group 4183
Group 4172
Group 4070
Group 4004
Group 3936
Group 13085
Group 3823
Group 3764
Group 3706
Group 3579
Group 3565
Group 3508
Group 12857
Group 12851
Group 3338
Group 3319
Group 3298
Group 3223
Group 3170
Group 3076
Group 3004
Group 2945
Group 2933
Group 2884
Group 2842
Group 13081
Group 2715
Group 338
Group 30376
Group 30187
Group 29883
Group 29694
Group 29004
Group 28882
Group 28812
Group 28811
Group 28536
Group 28165
Group 27927
Group 27764
Group 27497
Group 27479
Group 27350
Group 27251
Group 27065
Group 26956
Group 26954
Group 26844
Group 26773
Group 26685
Group 26571
Group 26471
Group 26442
Group 26360
Group 26245
Group 26111
Group 26066
Group 26004
Group 25877
Group 25827
Group 25680
Group 25592
Group 25501
Group 25466
Group 25275
Group 25251
Group 25197
Group 25144
Group 25058
Group 25029
Group 24946
Group 24856
Group 24725
Group 24646
Group 24564
Group 24543
Group 24441
Group 24416
Group 24211
Group 24128
Group 24054
Group 23938
Group 23850
Group 23744
Group 23671
Group 23587
Group 23458
Group 23444
Group 23443
Group 23359
Group 23276
Group 23229
Group 23137
Group 23068
Group 22938
Group 22892
Group 22806
Group 22793
Group 22678
Group 22593
Group 22500
Group 22433
Group 22312
Group 22231
Group 22150
Group 21994
Group 21950
Group 21924
Group 21913
Group 21877
Group 21722
Group 21631
Group 21555
Group 21456
Group 21372
Group 21233
Group 21178
Group 21040
Group 20960
Group 20899
Group 20806
Group 20675
Group 20640
Group 20626
Group 20516
Group 20394
Group 20301
Group 20247
Group 20203
Group 20175
Group 20031
Group 20002
Group 19943
Group 19928
Group 19831
Group 19738
Group 19604
Group 19578
Group 19487
Group 19387
Group 19356
Group 19277
Group 19259
Group 19188
Group 19094
Group 19010
Group 18974
Group 18927
Group 18861
Group 18771
Group 18691
Group 18613
Group 18519
Group 18428
Group 18385
Group 18293
Group 18263
Group 18112
Group 18063
Group 17942
Group 17846
Group 17822
Group 17745
Group 17673
Group 17604
Group 17581
Group 17512
Group 17423
Group 17376
Group 17243
Group 17172
Group 17082
Group 17024
Group 16915
Group 16839
Group 16770
Group 16701
Group 16573
Group 16553
Group 16475
Group 16383
Group 16306
Group 16158
Group 16147
Group 16053
Group 15956
Group 15877
Group 15795
Group 15775
Group 15756
Group 15733
Group 15638
Group 15558
Group 15533
Group 15382
Group 15315
Group 15262
Group 15211
Group 15110
Group 15015
Group 14942
Group 14907
Group 14887
Group 14820
Group 14725
Group 14682
Group 14612
Group 14528
Group 14454
Group 14437
Group 14356
Group 14274
Group 14202
Group 14135
Group 14055
Group 13955
Group 13936
Group 13867
Group 13769
Group 13729
Group 13668
Group 13542
Group 13463
Group 13371
Group 13294
Group 13214
Group 13191
Group 12772
Group 12692
Group 12616
Group 12554
Group 12472
Group 12440
Group 12418
Group 12338
Group 12212
Group 12189
Group 12083
Group 11984
Group 11890
Group 11813
Group 11687
Group 11610
Group 11511
Group 11456
Group 11406
Group 11327
Group 11287
Group 11162
Group 11137
Group 11046
Group 11013
Group 10962
Group 10888
Group 10755
Group 10743
Group 10689
Group 10664
Group 10559
Group 10468
Group 10371
Group 10298
Group 10211
Group 10190
Group 10124
Group 10053
Group 9979
Group 9900
Group 9870
Group 9790
Group 9727
Group 9689
Group 9665
Group 9546
Group 9472
Group 9384
Group 9335
Group 9263
Group 9187
Group 9108
Group 8887
Group 8816
Group 8744
Group 8666
Group 8598
Group 8571
Group 8441
Group 8364
Group 8296
Group 8257
Group 8186
Group 8052
Group 8029
Group 7898
Group 7828
Group 7757
Group 7669
Group 7668
Group 7585
Group 7545
Group 7535
Group 7523
Group 7462
Group 7326
Group 7257
Group 7187
Group 7111
Group 7012
Group 6944
Group 6923
Group 6802
Group 6734
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What are these groups for?

These groups allow the members of the group to send a message to a large number of people who are interested in getting news on WhatsApp. Every WhatsApp user is allowed to create a WhatsApp group themselves and what every category they want and list their WhatsApp group as per the specifications, which in this case is news WhatsApp group links which can be provided to all those interested. To join the groups you get a link invite which you just have to click on and not do anything else. Once you click on the link, you have the chance to be accepted into it and get access to the news WhatsApp group.

However, there are some rules that are needed to be followed in all circumstances once you are a part of the news WhatsApp group.

Rules for news WhatsApp group links

It is strictly prohibited that the people promote any product in any way possible. News WhatsApp groups are for specific purpose and no promotion of any kind is allowed. It is requested that when you join news WhatsApp group you give each member of the group equal respect and not talk back to them or degrade them in any possible manner. Respecting everyone is essential when you join the news WhatsApp group.

The members of the group are not allowed to have full fledge conversations in the group regardless of how relevant or irrelevant the conversation is. The group is made for a specific purpose and all messages in the group are to follow that same strict guideline.


Abusing anyone on the basis of the information that they provide are or the opinion that they have is strictly prohibited. All the members of a news WhatsApp group have to only share valid information which the group is about and not share random news about random facts that they find on the web.

The people in the group are in it for a reason and there is no way that you can fill the group up with information that has no connection or relation as to the topic of the group. All members are requested to share information according to the guidelines provided to them before they join the group. In addition to this, no one can send any kind of religious content in the group regardless of the kind of people in the group.

Religion, in this case, is a personal thing and no one has the right to say anything about a religion. All the members of the group are restricted from sharing any personal information for any kind of personal pictures in the news WhatsApp group. There may be people from all over the world in that particular group and it ends up being unsafe for those who, by mistake or intentionally, send any kind of personal information in the group.

What should you know before joining a news WhatsApp group link?

There are some things which you need to know before you join a news WhatsApp group link. The first thing here is that you should read all the rules that are given by the admin of the group and try your best to understand each and every one of them. These groups are not created by the website you get the link from or by the people who send you the group link themselves. These groups, most of the time, are created by third party and it is not the responsibility of the ones who make you come across that specific group to keep you safe.

These groups are created by a third party which will not be responsible for any kind of mishap happening over the kind of data that you share over the unverified News WhatsApp group. In addition to this, the third party is not responsible for any kind of activity that goes on the group when the rules are not properly followed. The admins of the group or the third party creator of the news WhatsApp group does not recommend that you interact with anyone who is in the group individually, on a personal basis as there is no way that the admins can be sure of who someone is and make sure to protect everyone in the group.

Why these groups?

Some people, because of their busy schedules, are unable to get proper guidance in any matter or get to know more about a topic that they are interested in. For the sole purpose of making things easy and a little bit convenient for them, these news WhatsApp groups are created so that people can get the information that they want, whenever and however it is possible for them.

This easy and convenient way to get the information or knowledge that you are interested in might not be the most traditional way or the safest either but if you follow the rules set by the third party on the group admins, you can easily have access to whatever you want in a convenient and risk free way.


This will give you access to the sort information that you require without restricting you to time or environment. All you have to do is get on your phone and scroll through a WhatsApp chat whenever you are free. It does not require you to sit in front of a proper television set and go through multiple channels or surf the web specifically for the kind of information that you require.