What is VPN? A Full Detail about VPN

Posted: 16-01-2022

What is VPN? A Full Detail about VPN

There are a lot of people in this world who have heard or heard about VPN somewhere. There will be many of you who use VPN on a daily basis. But there are some people who have heard of VPN but have not used it and have not heard much about it. We have explained in detail on this page what a VPN is and what it is used for.

Definition of VPN

VPN stand for virtual private network. It is use to change your ip address and tell others that you are not sitting in that place where you are sitting. It exchange your present location with that location that you want to be.


Virtual is something that is very close to reality, that is, it is very close to the truth, but it is not true, it is a lie. But it is said that a lie close to the truth is true, not a lie. In the same way, virtual is also called that which is close to the truth but not true.


Private is something that is hidden, that is, not visible to others but present. That is why VPN is called a private network because it is exist but not visible to other people.


Suppose you have three computers and you combine the three, then they become your network.

How VPN Work?

Let's say that when we access any website, there are a lot of things that exist in between until it opens. When we open something, we need a network that connects us to the thing or website we want to open. When you search for something, it doesn't have direct access. Instead, the signal first goes to the internet survey provider and then the internet service provider sends the signal to the internet and gives it to you. In the same way everything is connected with the internet. And VPN works the same way.

Where VPN is needed?

Suppose you search a website like Google.com, then as soon as you enter it, some process starts. So the first thing you check is your location. Suppose you search Google.com from Pakistan, then Google.com will be changed to Google.pk. Similarly, when you search for it in the US, it will change from Google.com to Google.com. That's the way things go.

Secure from hackers

The internet is a huge thing and anyone can come in and hack your data. VPN will create a path for you that will be your private. It will be a path that will be very close to the truth but will not be true. When you install VPN software, your connection to the Internet will be connected via a tunnel. Every website you open will open through a tunnel and this way whatever internet you use will be safe. This means that if there is a hacker on the internet, he can access the whole world, but he will not hack the data that you have saved.

To view advertising

VPN is location based. Advertising is also shown to you through VPN. Just like if you are from Pakistan then you will be shown advertisements of Pakistan and if you are from India or USA then you will be shown advertisements of India or USA. You can install VPN software and can change ads by changing your lacation by the helping of that software.

To change IP address

IP address is something that is found in Digits like Anyone from the IP address can track your location. It tells your computer address from which your computer can be tracked. Information can be obtained about your computer, where it is located, what is happening in it, everything can be traced. When you activate VPN software, that software changes your IP address, making it difficult to determine where the computer is being used. This will also change your IP address which will prevent your computer from being hacked and modified by others.

To open blocked websites

There are many websites that are blocked in a your country. Or you can use a VPN to access those videos or websites that are from the other country and are blocked in your country. As we told you, VPN changes your location. Similarly, if a video or website is blocked in your country, you can easily access it by changing your location from VPN and this is a very legal way.


FAQ's and their answers

Q 1:Is VPN is free to use?

       You can use VPN for free but with limited locations.

Q 2:Does VPN secure our data?

       Yes VPN secure your data.

Q 3: How to download VPN?

       Yes, you can download VPN from their official websites like express VPN etc.

Q 4: Can we access blocked website with VPN?

       Yes, you can access blocked websites with VPN.

Q 5: Does VPN access our data?

       No, VPN does not access your peronal thing.