What is PAWG? What Does PAWG Stand For

Posted: 08-04-2022

What is PAWG? What Does PAWG Stand For

What is ‘slang’?

The word ‘slang’ is used to refer to the informal register, which is spoken commonly in the world but is avoided informal settings. It is sometimes used to refer to the words which are spoken by the people of a particular area or by a singular group and not by the entirety of the world. In a way, it can be said that certain words and phrases that are categorized as slang are colloquial. The word slang, itself, was introduced in around the 18th century and has been defined in various ways since its inception.

How can we define the word ‘slang’?

Linguists, till date, have not been able to set a clear and definite definition of the word but it has been agreed upon that the word is a constantly changing phenomenon in the English language and every single person has a different way of defining it.

Some people are of the view that slang is known to exist since people keep on finding new words to term the experiences and things that occur to them or around them for the first time. And since, there is no word already existing for it, people come up with new and trendy terms for the things that they can not express through the existing vocabulary.

Why is it avoided informal settings?

It is sometimes defined as words that lower the dignity of speech which is in the formal context. It sometimes also uses terms that are otherwise used in a different way. To signify this improper use of vocabulary, slang is avoided informal settings.

It is also considered a taboo within a setting where the people of higher status or greater responsibility are. It is said that the usage and understanding ability of these words label a person as belonging to a specific group of people or area.

Are colloquialism and jargon the same as slang?

Colloquialism and jargon may feel like slang but they are not. They refer to a specific group but they are not known to fit the same definition. They do not represent the effort to replace something in the generally known vocabulary used by the people. It’s based more on the use of the words than trying to create a sense of a trend and trying to be cool. However, jargon and slang may be used synonymously since jargon extends to the words or language, the usage of which is socially unacceptable.

What is the role of social media in the frequent normalized use of slang?

Social media has made the world be so interconnected that people cannot limit their use of slang to just their own group or their own area. It doesn't matter if you're Joe Biden or Natalia Rezende, everyone is connected via social media. Since anyone and everyone can look up anything on the internet and can write everything on the social media platforms as well, anything on the internet and can write everything on the social media platforms as well, the slang of a specific area is no longer restricted to that area only. It is now universally known.

What does PAWG stand for?

According to its usage on the social media platforms, pawg is used to refer to an extremely beautiful Caucasian female who has considerably large sized hips, the abbreviation stands to mean ‘phat ass white girls’. This slang seems to be derived from PHAT which means ‘pretty, hot and tempting’.

Even though the term is used as a complement for the females with a large back side, it is considered to be offensive and sexist. It is thought of as a term which objectifies women into being only an object whose biggest achievement is their skin color and their body proportions. Dow to these reasons, it is considered a taboo in a polite company since it is thought that there are a lot of ways to compliment a woman without thinking of them to be only their sexual organs or intimate body parts. The term may be considered offensive or vulgar when used in a formal setting.

An alternate meaning of PAWG

The acronym, PAWG, may also stand for a few other things as well, so to make sure that you are not only heard but properly understood as well, you should keep in mind that proper context should be given if the words that is being used has multiple meanings.

Some of the possible full forms of the acronym PAWG are:

  • Pennsylvania Wing (Civil Air Patrol)
  • Pissed Americans With Guns (gaming clan)
  • Protected Areas Working Group
  • Photonic Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • PICA Assignment Working Group
  • Premiere Anime Weight-Gain
  • Pinedale Anticline Working Group

Most slangs that we come across are insulting and degrading for people and that is the reason these slangs do not show up in dictionaries or any other such authentic source. Also, we may refer to these as acronyms but they cannot be referred to as such since they are insulting words not to be mentioned in a formal setting.

These words became more universally known and stayed on the lips of teenagers and young adults after the significant rise of the digital age. It can be said that these words were a colloquia jargon for some specific area but since the world has been turned into a global village, there is no distance between places digitally, so now everyone knows the slang that were formulated to be used in a particular area. Since everyone has access to everything on the internet, slangs are more easily known by the masses as well which is one of the reasons why people have explanations of them over the internet.