What is DaaS and its Benefits

Posted: 27-07-2022

What is DaaS and its Benefits

Desktop in the cloud can be implemented quickly by external IT specialists and requires no long-term effort. This allows enterprises to grant remote access to employees with immediate notification without jeopardizing the security of their infrastructure.

DaaS is a virtual desktop infrastructure structure (VDI) solution that can be quickly implemented by external service providers or existing IT teams with the right know-how. All virtual desktops reside in your company's private network (virtual private cloud or VPC) and are completely isolated from the Internet. These virtual desktops can connect to your company's existing infrastructure through a secure tunnel (IPSec).

How does DaaS work?

Setting up a network of multiple computers was a challenge when the world didn't have the benefits of cloud computing and virtual workspace. You must buy and install a terminal that goes to and from the server on each machine. This process was very time-consuming and costly.

In today's world, that view has changed. Instead of spending hours assembling and setting up your device, there is the technology that allows you to work on a laptop connected to a remote server. These servers are not physically connected to your computer, but they function like physical servers.

Benefits of using a Desktop as a Service

  • Safety first

The data is completely isolated and protected. End devices (desktops, laptops, or tablets) connected to the user's virtual desktop cannot access the data. Only virtual desktop images are transferred to the end device.

The main advantage of VDI Hosting is that company data is not stored on the user's device and the user cannot access the company's internal network. This is an advantage when employees work on the go with their company notebooks, and even more so when working from home with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Private devices or individual devices rarely meet corporate security standards and pose a significant risk.

  • Always available

Setup by a qualified professional service partner can be completed within hours. Shortly thereafter, enterprises and their employees will be able to use virtual desktops. Appropriately managed service partners must also provide 24/7 support. In this way, the company allows its employees to focus on their business. Partners focus on the infrastructure (storage, network, etc.) and the DaaS cloud platform provided.

  • Scalable and flexible

Organizations can deploy any number of virtual desktops, from a few to hundreds, without changing their infrastructure. You can also choose the operating system and hardware that each user will get. Depending on your company's needs, you can install additional applications on your virtual desktops as part of your setup.

The solution also supports hybrid cloud and on-premises configurations. Virtual desktops (instances) are delivered in the cloud and connected to your on-premises infrastructure via VPN, so your enterprise can continue to use your existing infrastructure. You don't have to move to the cloud to implement your home office.


Many enterprises rely on virtualization for corporate security reasons. Today, virtual desktop hosting providers like Apps4Rent are determined to provide optimal security for the virtual platform. They are also a specialist in providing a variety of cloud and migration services to move files from Google Drive to OneDrive, making them an ideal partner for fully virtualizing your business and migrating to an entirely new cloud platform.