What does Cherry ChapStick mean? Cherry ChapStick in song

Posted: 25-02-2022

What does Cherry ChapStick mean? Cherry ChapStick in song

This may seem like a very unusual and unconventional topic when you look at it since it seems to be about the general chapstick that is quite easily accessible to us, in cherry flavour. If it was something so simple and generalized, no one would be looking it up.

Where does it come from?

The lyrics came from a song by Katy Perry called ‘I kissed a girl’. The phrase cherry chapstick, as used in her song, does not refer to a cherry flavoured lip balm. And has a meaning different than the literal ones.

Why do people think it means something different?

The question was bought up when, in the popular game, just dance, the song was featured, and this phrase, ‘Cherry Chapstick’ was censored out. Usually nothing like this would be a topic of discussion among many but this censoring just bought the attention of people towards these words which did not mean what people thought that it meant.

What does cherry chapstick mean?

The term ‘Cherry Chapstick’ was thought of as a reference to Katy Perry kissing another girl and tasting that cherry chapstick applied by her prior to kissing Katy Perry. Later on, when the audience started looking into the actual meaning, the implied meaning made less sense and the cherry chapstick in the song was considered a euphemism for a woman’s private parts and was a direct reference to genitalia.

What were the lyrics of the song about?

The song takes its listeners through an experience of a night, partying out with friends, and the narrator encountering an unusual experience, where she talks about kissing a girl and liking it several times but the song refers to a boyfriend who possessed heterosexual predominant preferences.

Did Katy Perry ever address the meaning of cherry chapstick?

Since the song was released more than a decade ago, it is extremely tough, trying to imagine that she would write a song like that. She is in a different phase of her life and she is not in that zone to write something so problematically sexual.

In an interview, she spoke about the meaning of cherry chapstick and her song ‘I kissed a girl’, and expressed her regret on writing an utterly sexual track. She told that magazine that her mind had changed significantly in the decade and if she were to write that song again, she would make some edits on it.

Even with the song being a success, it was considered to have some stereotypes which were not appreciated by people. It was controversial and was labelled to be offensive to the LGBTQs.

Why was it normal for the audience to accept such lyrics from Katy Perry?

During that time period, the songs written by the singers had hidden meanings and were somehow not what the literal meaning hinted. When the fans found out that there was an underlying meaning in the song ‘I kissed a girl’, they were surprised but they also thought of her attempting to do something like that since she was really ahead of her times and courageous enough to do the unthinkable.

More about the song

The song came out in 2008 and that was the time when Katy Perry was hardly known. The song became a quick hit and reached the number one on the billboard music charts. The song was a hit in USA. It was also a certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.