Tips on Finding Great Savings When Travelling

Posted: 11-10-2022

Tips on Finding Great Savings When Travelling

There’s nothing quite like giving in to wanderlust and exploring the world. With such a huge variety of beautiful cities, fascinating cultures and natural wonders to encounter, getting out and seeing the world should be on everybody’s bucket list.

Yet certain obstacles can hold back would-be travelers from getting as far afield or making the most of their experience, as they’d hope for. Among the most common issues people cite is the very real matter of cost.

International travel, for example, represents a significant investment in everything from flights, accommodation, food, and money for attractions. All of this can add up fast. Fortunately, however, there are some handy tips and tricks any traveler can employ to make their limited resources go just that bit further. Let’s take a look below.

Timing is Everything

One of the best maxims to adopt for sage spending, both with respect to travel and in life in general, is to recognize that everything has a moment when it’s most affordable.

In a general sense, you can make this knowledge work for you by opting to travel to popular tourist destinations in the off-season. Off-seasons typically coincide with the winter months in the region you’re visiting – so for the northern hemisphere, this is normally November to February, and for the southern hemisphere it’s June to August.

You can often find meaningful savings on everything from accommodation to travel if you opt to visit a region during these periods as businesses local to them will be eager for your custom.

Elsewhere, this logic can be applied to transport bookings. A survey by conducted in 2021 found that, upon analyzing millions of flights from over 8000 providers, certain predictable patterns emerge when it comes to determining the best time to buy flights.

As a general rule, 64 days before departure was discovered to be the statistically optimal moment for you to book a flight ticket. They found that booking tickets around this time period resulted in average prices staying within 5% of their cheapest offers.

This is good to know, as those wanting to prepare and book their tickets with an even greater lead time may actually end up costing themselves more money for their efforts.

Cut Costs Through Using Toplists

One of the simplest ways to keep your spending lean while globe-trotting is to make use of local specialist websites and platforms to find good value recommendations. For example, a gaming aficionado staying in the bustling Emirati city of Dubai would be best served when seeking to place a friendly wager on a game of their choosing by accessing leading comparison sites with suggestions catered to that region.

In doing so, this traveler can quickly discover which are the best online casinos in the UAE to try out. Additionally, employing this method often results in one benefitting from the affiliate relationships at work through such providers – in this case taking the form of competitive welcome bonuses and promotions for said casinos.

Likewise, crowd-sourced platforms such as Tripadvisor, that bring together the best recommendations for attractions and venues for many locations around the world, also serve as a great jumping off point for low-cost entry fees to many of their listings.

This platform is also a great way to find the best-rated guides and tours for the city or attraction you’re visiting, enabling you to ensure you’re getting value for money from the experience.

Travel Smart, Not Fas

Nowadays, in our hyper-connected world, navigating from A to B is simpler than ever before. Most tech-savvy travelers are accustomed to opening up Google Maps and having the platform automatically map a route to their destination through their chosen means of transport, and while this normally works well, sometimes it can result in your having to spend more money with little time gained in exchange.

Fortunately, there are a number of compelling alternatives available online, such as Rome2Rio, which aims to give you a comprehensive breakdown of your travel options.

To do this, Rome2Rio searches routes offered by thousands of train, taxi, ferry, bus and flight operators that correspond to your itinerary, giving you a surprisingly in-depth breakdown of your options no matter whether you’re just trying to get from Milan to Florence, or cross continents.

This can not only benefit you when you’re trying to keep transit on a shoe-string, but can quickly give you options should an existing transport link fail.