Think and Grow Rich : Full Summary

Posted: 01-12-2021

Think and Grow Rich : Full Summary

Do you want to be rich? Why not only you but every human being in the world wants to be rich. But what is the reason people want to be rich but can't make money. They want to make money but can't. Andrew Carnegie, a wealthy American of his time Decided to interview. Andrew Karnge asked if an interview with a rich man would be enough or I would give you a chance to interview five hundred rich men but I have a condition that I will only pay for your travel expenses and I will not bear any other expenses. Napoleon Hill thought for a while and after a few moments, he was ready for the job. Why he was getting a chance to meet the richest people in the world and he could find out the secrets of their becoming rich. After interviewing the world's richest people, Napoleon Hill wrote a book called "Think and Grow Rich". When he was interviewed, he found out that there are only a few special rules for getting rich in this world and these are the rules.

1. Desire

This means that there is a real yearning for wealth inside man. And every dam tail kept thinking of practical measures for it. Most people wish we could be rich, we wish we could have wealth. But all these desires do not make him rich. Getting rich means having a real yearning for yourself. And you make every practical effort for it.


2. Faith

That is, you can be sure that you can be rich. You can never be rich if you are not sure. Your emotional state will not be rich. And your low emotional state will never prepare you for what is essential to gaining wealth.

3. Specialized knowledge

Do you know the difference between a pit digger and a house digging engineer? The two seem to do less of the same but there is a big difference in the information of the two. Whatever you want to reduce, you are an expert in it or you have little information. If you have a lack of information, do not do it yourself, but get it from those who know enough about it.

4. Imagination

What a person imagines becomes a reality in his life. Now consider for yourself what you keep thinking about throughout the day. Decrease in inflation or expansion problems or unlimited resources. Unemployment or excessive employment. You have to decide which concept you choose.

5. Organized plaining

A man cannot be rich unless he has a special plan in his life. For this you have to reduce four. First prepare your mastermind. Number two is what you will provide them in return for their protection. Why are your needs the same as everyone's needs. Be sure to take care of the needs of anyone you consult or work with. Number three: Make sure you meet your team at least 3 times a week. Number four, be sure to keep in mind with these members. Please accept their differences and criticisms.

6. Decision

People who make late decisions and change quickly have an earthquake in their lives and cannot be rich. Don't stop talking about what you've started. Be sure to consider the validity of this objection. If there is room for improvement, please do so, but with the advice of your master group.

7. The subconscious mind

Negative and positive emotions cannot coexist. One kind of emotion at a time is absorbed in the mind. It is your responsibility to control your mind and try not to let negative emotions dominate your mind and let positive emotions take over your mind. In the beginning you will have a hard time, but gradually you will be able to control your mind perfectly. Rich people live with positive emotions all the time no matter what the situation.

8. Persistence

This is probably the most important. The more persistently you pursue your desires, the more likely you are to become rich. Most people change their mind after a few attempts. Or do a few months less and then change your job. The founder of KFC faced a 1009 refusal to sell his first burger.

These are some important commands from Napoleon Hill's book that are necessary to get rich. Now tell me how much you will benefit from these commands.