The Impact of Storytelling on Corporate Communication

Posted: 26-12-2022

The Impact of Storytelling on Corporate Communication

The benefits of storytelling are never talked about enough, not even by communication experts or external consultants specializing in digital marketing. For some of them, online communication in the age of social media starts with the publication of a few posts on the company's various profiles, even on different platforms, and ends the moment the brand manages to achieve the minimal goals it has set itself, such as reaching a certain number of followers or the steady growth of interactions recorded by individual posts.

There are still many companies that superficially manage their online communication on social media, and their number does not seem to be decreasing with the necessary speed. Creating social media marketing campaigns and setting practical goals, such as surpassing a certain threshold of followers, is certainly all well and good, in some cases even necessary, but in this way companies will continue to miss out on a fundamental piece in the great jigsaw puzzle of brand communication in the social media era.

This piece is storytelling and its authentic, profound significance, but also its considerable impact on the communication strategies of any brand, regardless of its size or sector. Nowadays, brands need to be able to tell engaging stories with which to excite their audience, binding them even more closely to themselves and inducing them to take specific actions, such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter or following on social networks.

And most interestingly, the tools to create digital marketing wonders are within everyone's reach. It has been demonstrated that in this historical conjuncture, compared to content focused solely on the product and its technical characteristics, individual posts that compose a broader story, and are realized with the principles of storytelling, are much more impactful, much more engaging.

Digging deep

Any stage of the company's production can be turned into a compelling story, full of emotion and meaning, with clear references to the company's mission and values. Even apparently less exciting products can be told in an exciting way, thus expressing the magical side behind every production. In order to create optimal content, from this point of view, it is necessary to acquire the ability to dig deep into the company's history and the various stages of the production of a certain product, then trying to identify potentially interesting elements around which to develop a broader story, to be told from time to time through one's online communication channels.

The enthusiasm of an employee as he or she does his or her job, the particular story of a certain service or product, perhaps born out of a specific request expressed by a customer, or even simply a glimpse of what goes on in the background of each company represent just a few of the possible elements that can be used to create an autenthic brand story, but their number is potentially infinite.

The storytelling puzzle

Once the central theme of your corporate story has been identified, the social media team will have to break it down into smaller content, into little pieces that will make up the whole story, and which will find their expression in the individual posts you publish on your profiles.

No one is preventing you from publishing product posts at the same time, but these should account for no more than 15 percent of your total posts. The rest should be content that generates audience engagement, just like posts made with a storytelling perspective.

When you have learned to recognize (and realise) the content for your storytelling strategies, it will also be much easier to extend the use of these principles to other corporate channels, such as the website, blog or newsletter, by introducing certain elements - almost always visual - that are able to evoke the content universe of the brand, making it perfectly recognisable in the eyes of the consumer.

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The game for success, in the age of digitalization, is played above all online, on social media, and will only be won by those who manage to excite their audience through a medium that is both modern and at the same time extremely ancient, namely through stories and their incredible power.