Stuff to Remember Prior to Booking a Houseboat

Posted: 13-07-2022

Stuff to Remember Prior to Booking a Houseboat

The East Venice, Alleppey, is renowned for its picturesque charms and stunning natural aura. Every year the Alleppey houseboat and backwaters are visited by honeypool couples, anniversary planners, artists, explorers, and many groups, to feel the magical atmosphere that exists here. Alleppey looks very good because of the peaceful beach life, the gorgeous sunset of the Alappuzha beach, the lovely food, and the fresh air.

The backwaters have a tranquil beauty that suits everything in the world, among all places to visit in Alleppey. These backwaters are full of greenery, lovely villages, and flourishing birdlife and are worth exploring. There is no other joy in vacationing in Kerala.

The existence of hundreds of boats on which travelers come and spend their holidays is what makes these waterways so wonderful. While there are many houseboats and the reservation is clear,

1. You have to book ahead of the peak seasons

Winter and early summer in Alleppey are the highest tourist season. Travelers come here for the lovely weather with a variety of local and migratory birds filling the turquoise Alleppey. The weather gets damp when the summer comes because of the Alleppey beach.

It is virtually difficult to make a reservation during the peak season. During this time, most houseboats raise prices.

If you are traveling through this season, you can make reservations for Alleppey Houseboat in advance or by way of a reliable travel company.

2. The houseboat price range

The houseboat rates of Alleppey start at INR 5K and go up to INR 50K and more. The packages for housebuilding in Alleppey even include a visit to Kottayam, a tour through the city, and the backwaters of Kumarakom.

Your personal space cannot be reserved in a houseboat. Generally, an entire boat is reserved and during your stay in Alleppey backwaters, it has many facilities. Any services with a houseboat are included

Be aware also that none (or hardly any) of the houseboats provide air conditioning during the afternoon. In the evening, AC is operational while a houseboat is on the lake. Many websites give a simple indication of the amenities providing the best rates for houseboats Alappuzha.

A day's resort close to Alappuzha beach and the next day's boat tour are the perfect way to explore Alleppey.

3. Include bird watching in your itinerary on Patharimanal Island

In the winter, migrant birds in people and people visit Patharimanal Island. The island is situated at a distance from the backwater of Alleppey, which includes over 90 species of avifauna, of which 50 are local. This island is one of Alleppey's finest and most stunning places to visit.

The houseboats give a guided tour of the island. At the same time, you can stay and arrange a trip to this island in an Alleppey resort or hotels in Alleppey. This nice place is full of greenery and a balmy atmosphere.

4. Taste the local dishes

The houseboats of the Alleppey give you a glimpse of Kerala's local lives. Both houseboats have meals and it's all to the local taste. Due to eclectic surprises, local food restaurants are among the must-visit sites in Alleppey.

Both meals are included while on the houseboat Alleppey. You will also have the ability to look into the kitchen and try your own food.

The Alleppey Boat House has opted to take into account its comfort for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Usually, you need to let the workers know one hour before you start to eat. Any of the Kerala cuisine you can try in your houseboat is

5. During the monsoon season houses are not operational

Most of the houseboats in Alleppey stop working once they enter Kerala with the monsoon. During this time it rains non-stop and the backwaters in Kerala start to flood. This is a risky time and it is very imminent to drown in houseboats.

It is advisable that you do not book a houseboat Alleppey during this period, despite how lucrative the proposal is. Stay houses are active all year long in the villages around the Alleppey boat station. You can make a reservation and feel the same serenity as you relax in the courtyard or sunset next to your beach resort of Alleppey.