Modern Applications of Random Number Generators

Posted: 05-08-2022

Modern Applications of Random Number Generators

The luck of the draw is always a deciding factor in life. You can't win if you don’t play, but it's hard not to get excited about your chances when they come up!

You can get the chance to win the lottery, to be randomly selected for unique opportunities like jobs, but you can also miss chances due to random selection, as it happens for many of us.

Randomness is a big part of our lives, and it’s exploited in numerous fields, from statistics to IT or online games. Random Number Generators, or RNG, are one of the practical applications of random chance.

Other uses

As the name suggests, RNGs can be software, AI, or even physical methods that result in a sequence of symbols, numbers, or anything alike. This sequence should not contain any patterns that can be detected beforehand, meaning no equation or formula can predict the result.

Random Number Generators may seem complicated at first, but they are somehow everywhere. Their uses include day-to-day activities like protecting your devices against spyware or deciding the order for using some new feature at the office.

Regarding more sensitive matters, RNGs are essential to statistics, computer simulations, design, and gambling. If you want to discover more about how Random Number Generators contribute to the modern world, we’ve got some precious info on the subject:

Computer simulations

Computer simulation is a big part of the modern world as we know it, and it’s used in many fields, from healthcare, engineering, and economics to biology, physics, and chemistry. This process refers to using a mathematical model to predict behaviors and outcomes in the real world or a physical system.

For example, computer simulation can help scientists discover how a disease will affect the population or help engineers predict how a new machine will function in the real world. Computer simulations sometimes require RNG, as they play a vital role in obtaining good results.


Cybersecurity is a serious concern as technology, and AI systems are becoming vital in modern societies and many fields. People use the internet and technology to control their finances, work in numerous areas, from engineering to economics, and communicate effectively. Many security protocols include Random Generated Numbers to ensure secure communication and data.

The simplest example is that of tokens used for banking apps. Some banking apps need your username and password to complete a successful login and, afterward, require a randomly generated code. You can get your code from a dedicated app provided by your bank or from a physical token also offered by the institution.

Online Casino Games

Online gambling relies on game fairness, and Random Generated Numbers are essential for this industry. Imagine slot machines where the rows and rails follow a simple pattern. It would be a disaster not only for the players but also for the companies. That is why reputable and licensed online casinos rely on effective RNGs to ensure game fairness and the satisfaction of their customers.

For some games, RNGs are unnecessary, as there are other physical random number generators to rely on. A good example is some live card games, like poker and Roulette games, like Live Dealer American Roulette, where the roulette machine guarantees randomness.


Statistics are essential to various fields, like psychology, healthcare, sales, and marketing. Random Number Generators are crucial to specific practices in these areas, specifically statistical sampling.

For example, if scientists want to confirm or discard a hypothesis about Spanish dog owners, it would be impossible, if not very hard, to question or evaluate every Spanish dog owner. That is where statistical sampling intervenes. Scientists can use RNG to select some of those who meet all the criteria and get to relevant conclusions.

Random Generated Numbers have been around for centuries, from the invention of the first dice and up until the tech & AI present. These numbers have many uses and have contributed to developing many essential fields, from healthcare to engineering.

RNGs are also a significant contributing factor in ensuring game fairness for online casinos and fairness regarding statistical results in different research areas.