5 physical exercises to perform at home to relieve back pain

Posted: 03-07-2022

5 physical exercises to perform at home to relieve back pain

Back pain is a widespread problem, capable of ruining the well-being of those who suffer from it. It affects the spine and depending on where it is located, it can be cervical, dorsal, or lumbosacral. In the latter case, it is also called low back pain.

The causes of the disorder are numerous. Stress, poor posture, spinal deviations such as scoliosis, and hernias.

Several studies show that in some societies the prevalence and incidence of back pain are far lower than in Western countries. In these societies, people move, sit and work in a substantially different way than in Western societies.

According to many researchers and authors, back pain is due to the fact that Western man physiologically misuses the spine in daily activities: standing, walking, sitting and lying in the wrong way. This would cause non-physiological loads that would lead to premature degeneration, and therefore to chronic pain.

Luckily, there are physical exercises that can be done at home to mitigate and prevent hateful back pain.

We asked Personal Trainer specializing in-home training, what were the best exercises to relieve and prevent pain.

Here are some easy-to-do exercises he recommended to say goodbye to the problem:

1. The position of the cat

A name, a program… It is the typical position of the cat when it stretches its muscles. If you have one, it is easy for him to stand beside you to imitate you.

- Execution: on the ground, on all fours. Slowly stretch your arms forward and at the same time arch your back "pushing" with your buttocks back. Stay in this position for at least two minutes.

- Tips: perform the movements slowly, you must never push yourself until you feel pain.

The muscles involved are all those of the back.

2. The slow descent

It is a particularly beneficial exercise for low back pain. All you need to do is a wall.

- Execution: standing, settle with your back against a wall, legs slightly apart, and head erect. Lower yourself slowly keeping your back and head in contact with the wall. As you do this, bend your legs outward, so that you are resting on the outside of your feet. Then return to the starting position.

- Tips: While performing, inhale and exhale deeply.

The exercise acts in particular on the lumbosacral spine.

3. The complete stretch

One of the best exercises for back pain is full stretching. To do this, you just need to find a support point, such as the edge of a piece of furniture or the windowsill.

- Execution: grab the support point with both hands and let yourself slide with your back backward, downwards. The feet must remain aligned with the hands. Stop when you feel your back muscles tense.

- Advice: do not tense up too much while doing the exercise.

Complete stretching prevents scoliosis, lordosis, and contractures.

4. Push-ups on the floor

The very simple movement to gently stretch the back muscles, especially the upper part.

- Execution: sit with your legs stretched forward. Flex your torso and stretch your arms to touch your toes. Stay in the position for two minutes.

- Advice: do not force yourself beyond your means, if you feel pain stop. As you flex, exhale.

The push-ups on the ground help in case of neck and back pain.

5. The lotus position

Borrowed from yoga, this uncomfortable position is actually very useful for back pains.

- Execution: sit with your legs bent in front of you, so that your knees are pointing upwards. Spread your thighs as wide as you can and raise your feet, bringing the soles together. Grab the tips with your hands, elevating them as high as you can.

- Tips: Breathe deeply and act slowly. You don't have to feel pain.

The lotus position helps to straighten the spine.