About License

Online Drama's License

All the dramas episodes are embed from other social media platform i.e (youtube.com, dailymotion.com and ok.ru). If you think that we made any mistake to deliver online dramas to public then please contact us from contact page given in the website. Thanks in advance.

Live Streaming Channel's License

Please note that all the live streaming channels are freely avaiable through the internet. We do not host or upload this material. Streaming at pak24tv.net is being broadcast with different terms including third party license agreement (Like mjunoon) and with the channels offering free webcasting. All the channels are freely permited to embed in website by(Like mjunoon, yupptv, dailymotion, facebook, crichd and youtube).For copy right details please contact at [email protected].

Channels embed from mjunoon

  • News one
  • K21 news
  • 7 news
  • Roz news
  • Sach tv
  • Khyber news
  • Abtak news
  • Channel 5
  • UK44
  • KTN news
  • Awaz news
  • Sindh tv news
  • Wish news
  • Aplus tv
  • Hum tv
  • Aaj entertainment
  • Express entertainment
  • Urdu 1
  • A1 tv
  • DBTV
  • TV one
  • ATV
  • Filmazia
  • Filmworld
  • Filmax
  • 8xm
  • Jalwa
  • Oxygen
  • Kashish
  • Apna tv
  • Aruj television
  • Khyber tv
  • Pashto 1
  • K2 tv
  • Afghan tv
  • Sindh tv
  • Punjab tv
  • KTN entertainment
  • See tv
  • One golf
  • Cinematchi kids

Channels embed from yupptv

  • Boogle Bollywood
  • B4U Movies
  • B4U Music
  • Desi tv
  • Mana tv international
  • Chakde tv
  • Darshana tv
  • Channel y
  • Prime Asia tv

All other channels that are not listed above has been embeded from YouTube, Facebook, Crichd and Dailymotion. If you have any complaint then contact us. Click